Ozzy Returning To Ozzfest Sooner Than Expected

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Postby Miss Moon » Thu Aug 01, 2002 3:13 pm

08.01.2002 12:58 PM EDT

The Prince of Darkness will retake his rightful place on the Ozzfest throne sooner than expected.

Last week when Ozzy Osbourne first announced his departure from the trek to be with wife/manager Sharon during her first chemotherapy session in her battle with cancer (see "Sharon Osbourne Completes First Chemo Session; Ozzy, Sabbath Come Home"), he said he planned to rejoin the tour August 22 in Denver. He will now return and resume his headlining slot August 7 in Clarkston, Michigan, according to an Osbournes spokesperson.

The new restart date means Osbourne will only miss two dates of the tour: August 3 in Columbus, Ohio, and August 4 in Cleveland.

Sharon went public with her cancer diagnosis early last month (see "Sharon Osbourne Says Cancer Has Spread").

Ozzy's sea legs apparently aren't as stable as they used to be. Although he once snorted a line of ants and bit the heads off doves and a bat, watching his wife undergo the often grueling treatment was so overwhelming that he almost passed out and had to be taken to a recovery room, the family's spokesperson said. It was after that incident Sharon thought it best that he return to the road.

—Joe D'Angelo

For more on Ozzy Osbourne, check out the MTV News Archive

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Postby JolieBlonde » Thu Aug 01, 2002 11:01 pm

The Ozz Man hasn't changed

[QUOTE]almost passed out and had to be taken to a recovery room

[COLOR=red]The Ozz Man hasn't changed

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Postby CrazyCanadianChick » Fri Aug 02, 2002 2:58 pm

I heard about this a few days ago when it was reported on ET. I was surprised to hear that he passed out b/c he seems like such a tough guy :headbanger: but I guess it's hard to see anyone go through chemo.

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