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Postby Punk4Eternity » Sun Aug 11, 2002 9:02 am

Bad Religion is a true band made up with true rolemodles. These men have busted thier rearends since 1980 and they open for artifical punk bands such as Stink182. I know as of this day I am a minorty with the music I like and the people who I chose to listen to, however I belive what is "popular" or "hip" is not really the best music. I understand Bad Religion is not liked by many people because they dont belong to a major record label but does that make thier music bad nevertheless make them bad people?
Okay what these guys usually sing about is the corruption of our fickle society and lessons needed to be learned throughout life. Unlike every other band or "group" there is these guys are original. They make thier own music, play thier own music, and single handedly bulit themselevs without much attention from the media or whatever. What makes them true role models is that they help society with a message that questions authority. They are also encourageing for others to make a difference and to fight for what you beleive in.
If u consider urslef to be a true fan of good music listen to these guys they say great things that inspire those who listen to them. On another note if ur a wannabee thug or prep who comes here and offends me I will retailate with everything I have (and I have alot to diss ur rappers cus I also happen to be from the ghetto)

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