White Stripes Finish New Album, Playing Free New Y

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Postby dazed410 » Mon Sep 30, 2002 7:10 pm

The White Stripes will hit the dead leaves and dirty ground of New York's Union Square on Tuesday to play a free show.

The noon performance is the latest in a series of guerilla concerts staged by Nissan. Train played the first gig, in St.

Louis on September 17, followed by Pink in Chicago, Eve in Philadelphia, Dashboard Confessional in Boston, Enrique Iglesias in Brooklyn and Cheap Trick in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Additional free shows will continue in other cities, a spokesperson for the concert series said.

After Tuesday's free show, Detroit duo Jack and Meg White only have two gigs on their itinerary, opening for the Rolling Stones in Toronto on October 16 and in Columbus, Ohio, on October 20.

Meanwhile, Jack will take on a small role in the upcoming Civil War film "Cold Mountain," starring Jude Law and Nicole Kidman.

As for their next album, Elephant, a spokesperson for V2 Records said there is not a release date, but Jack assured in a post on the White Stripes' Web site that the album is done.

"We have finished the making, mixing and mastering of Elephant but won't let it out of its cage just yet," Jack wrote. "It needs to graze on the plains for a minute. Perhaps it's not what Meg and I think it is. Perhaps it's the worst album we've ever made. Or perhaps we'll all be surprised. We'll see, I suppose, but at the time it was a good feeling, and it may come back and roost forever."

Jack also noted their excitement about opening for the Stones ("We can't wait to meet [guitarist] Brian Jones") and their recent jaunt through England, where they played with veteran guitarist Jeff Beck at the Royal Festival Hall in London. "We played Yardbirds songs with a Yardbird and were honored to do so," Jack wrote.

This report is from MTV News

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Postby Kick-a$$ » Sat Oct 26, 2002 12:08 am

Ive heard white stripes play at the Emmy's I think it was when Kelly Osbourne and Eminem played also! Ans they werent very good live. I hope that they improve coz I dont mind thier style!

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Postby MoRtiCia13 » Tue Oct 29, 2002 8:41 pm

U CAN'T BE SAYING MEG AND JACK DON'T KICK ASS LIVE??? their music is so completely rockin' 4 just a damn guitar voice and drums...clean your ears out matey!

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