Transcripts from AMA Awards w/ Kid Rock

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Postby admin » Tue Jan 09, 2001 3:45 am

For winning:

>> and the winner is --

>> announcer: This is kid rock's first american music award.

Spend all my time doing time

[ applause ]

>>, i thank everybody at lava records, jason flam, atlantic, my family, my son, i love you. And i really would like to thank having the opportunity olast couple of years, everybody

i have learned from, got to jam with from run dmc to aerosmith to hank williams jr. George jones and everybody influenced me because music is my heart. Thank you very much.

For the tribute:

>> announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, kid rock.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> when we look at the names of the musal artists who have left us in the past year, we are reminded that no matter how much the music scene continues to change, good is good and always has been. Steve allen -- composer, pianist, humorist, author and tv legend. Tex beneke -- glenn miller soloist and leader of his own swing band. Jimmie davis -- 1940's songwriter and later, governor of louisiana. Screamin' jay hawkins -- colorful 1950's r&b artist. Julie london -- recording artist and star of 'emergency.' 'Pops' staples -- founder of the staple singers. Pee wee king -- member of the country music hall of fame. Doris kenner-jackson -- of the popular 60's group, the shirelles. Oliver -- remembered for 'good morning starshine' and 'jean.' Nat adderly -- cornet player with the cannonball adderly quintet. Tito puente -- a towering figure in salsa and afro-cuban music. World-famous pianist victor borge, who combined classical music with his wonderful comedy. And finally, joe c. -- He was the most loved member of our twisted brown trucker band. His small size was caused by a chronic illness which was also responsible for his passing at the age of 26. But throughout his brief lifetime, joe C.'S irrepressible spirit and humor brought joy to me and everyone who knew him. Good-bye, joey. We miss you, man.

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Postby Romantico » Thu Jan 11, 2001 11:14 pm

I saw the whole thing..It was really touching!!! :( (heads down, and takes a moment of silent)

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Postby JustinsNSYNCPrincess » Mon Feb 05, 2001 3:57 pm

kid rock is so damn hott and thanks for the info admin

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