Kid Rock On Access Hollywood 11/20

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>>> Kid rock and pamela anderson. I know what yu're thinking. It may not be what you think. If you look behind the show business facade, you might not be surprised with what you find. It begins with a four letter word -- love.

>> What does she mean to you?

>> Oh, man. She means the world. She means so much that I dove head in, if I get hurt in the end at least I tried.

>> Reporter: Kid rock and pamela anderson, a love match made in rock and roll heaven. Together since april, they've openly snuggled on red carpets coast to coast and of ururse with all this love and affection the pregnancy rumors quickly followed as the tabloids recently reported a baby was on the way.

>> I think it would be disrespectful to comment on that stuff, if something like that was to have, we were to conceive a child, i think it would be disrespectful if I did not let my family and friends first.

>> You never answered the question.

>> Exactly.

>> Reporter: So will there be a baby heir from this fir couple of raunch and roll? I never did get a straight answer. But one thing is for sure. These two are crazy in love. And when not in the spot light, enjoy quiet time at kid rock's michigan home with their kids. He has an 8-year-old son from a past relationship and she has two kids from her marriage to tommy lee.

>> The thing about me and her that people see and people write about is us out having a great time, having drinks, running around the town like the wild, crazy people we are. In reality, we really connect on lynd beingimptatant, being there for our kids, having stability in their lives.

>> Reporter: It is the same sense of stability that pamela told me that attracts her to kidrock.

>> He's such a blessing to my family and boys. Incredlele man. Very solid and down to earth.

>>> Men time, pam is on the tonight show with jay no for a special thanksgiving episode that is broadcast live to our transports around the world.

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