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Postby MoRtiCia13 » Wed May 07, 2003 3:27 pm

you've got her in your pocket
and there's no way out now
put it in the safe and lock it
cause it's
home sweet home

nobody ever told u that it was the
wrong way
2 trick a woman
make her feel she did it
her way
and you'll be there if she ever feels
and you'll be there when she finds
someone new
what 2 do
well u know
u keep her in your pocket
where there's no way out

the smile on your face made her
she had the right one
then she thought she was sure
by the way u two could have fun
but now she might leave
like she's threatened before
grab hold of her fast
before her feet hit the floor
and she's out the door
cause u want
to keep her in your pocket

but now you're scared
u think she's running away
u search in your head for something
clever to say...don't go away
and in your own mind
u know you're lucky just 2 know her
and in the beginning all u wanted was
2 show her.

jaCk mEg w~s

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