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Postby PervyHobbitFancier » Mon Jan 13, 2003 1:30 am

ok, my absolute favorite moments from TTT is when aragorn does his whle sexy walk in thing at helms deep(i think), and when he cmes back from falling off the clif, and he's all talking and 'flirting' with legolas, an they are all touching eachothers arms, and legolas gives him back his necklace, and aowen is watching, and the first time i saw it, one ofmy friends was like, 'imagine what she's thinking' cuz she like, stops smiling, and......yeah. :D

that movie has such sexy men......

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Postby Claire » Mon Jan 13, 2003 4:08 pm

Yep, that was a good moment! That you pointed -
when he handed him the jewel and Eowyn was watching. She seems really sad she can't be with the king...

Everyone knows that all my favourite moments are with Sam and Frodo. God, they don't need to be said, tehy speak for themselves. Especially the moment when Sam said "I'm your Sam", and Frodo couldn't recognize him at first, cause he was taken by the dark power - wow that was dramatic. My preferences are more hobbitish. The emotional part. Pippin's face....

And I think everybody agrees on the sequence when Legolas gets on the horse from the front. Wow! The whole theatre was applauding that. is this even possible? Even if he is an elf.... That was totally amazing and shocking! Legolas definitely did a lot of action sequence in this movie, he was great, but that scene exactly cannot be topped.

I agree about the sexy men... they are so many - with such a big and multinational cast - no wonder! :lol:

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