Ashton Kutchers Fave Things....

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Postby MegMeg112 » Thu Jun 19, 2003 12:15 pm

SOURCE: Kutcher 4 Eva

Favorite Movies: Boogie Nights, Gladiator, Scary Movie, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption and the Usual Suspects

Favorite TV Shows: Jeoprady{sp}, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and The Brady Bunch

Favorite Actor: Tom Cruise

Favorite Actresses: Maureen McCormick, Meg Ryan, Claire Danes, Kristy Swanson, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Marilyn Monroe

Favorite Musicians: Fine Machine, Hole, Dave Matthews Band, and The Beasties

Favorite Books: Where The Red Fern Grows, Many Lives, Many Masters and Mutants Down Under

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Accessories: A Vintage Belt, his Puca Shell Necklace, and a Cigarette.

Favorite Body Part: Pelvic Region :P

Least Favorite Body Part: Feet

Favorite Outfit: A Pair of Levi's Engineered Jeans, a T-Shirt, and Sandals

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Postby Isied » Thu Jun 19, 2003 7:56 pm


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