A little something for the Ryan Philippe Fans!

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A little something for the Ryan Philippe Fans!

Postby Bellerz » Sun Dec 31, 2000 12:03 am

[links have since expired]

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Postby Helena » Sun Dec 31, 2000 1:18 am

aww thanks. He is a definite hottie.

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Postby Katie44 » Sun Dec 31, 2000 2:45 am

Now everyone remember....he is going to be replacing justin soon!! lol ooo000ooo...he is so cute!

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Angie fromOZ
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Postby Angie fromOZ » Sun Dec 31, 2000 4:24 am

YUM!! if ya wanna know what the biggest crush of my life looks like it's Ryan Phillipe! this guy who i had the HUGEST crush on for 3 years (i tell ya it's not healthy, i'm still getting over it!) looks heaps like the lovely Ryan Phillipe! UGH! there is NO justice in this life!!!!

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