Heath Ledger...one of my FAVE aussie hotties!!

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Heath Ledger...one of my FAVE aussie hotties!!

Postby Bellerz » Mon Jan 01, 2001 11:51 pm

Okay, I've loved Heath's acting eversince he appeared on screen...and now...after watching The Patriot...I've come to one conclusion:

'DANG!! This boy is FIIIIINE!! :)'

I LOVE his smile! :(

[links have since expired]

Heath with my absolute FAVORITE Aussie Actor: Mel Gibson!

[link has since expired]

Pics from THE PATRIOT!! :)

[links have since expired]

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Angie fromOZ
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Postby Angie fromOZ » Tue Jan 02, 2001 12:42 am

oh Bellerz!! thank you thank you!! i can't thank you enough for these fiiiine pictures!! i love it how that smile just spreads across his gorgeous face! i swear...one mintue Heath was a boy on a crappy Aussie soapie and the next minute he was a MAN who'd hit the BIG SCREEN as if he'd blossomed overnight!! :)

you gotta check out an aussie movie called Two Hands! it has our Heathy boy in it!! :)

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