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Postby pinkGLAM » Mon Feb 26, 2001 8:46 am

When Jude Law needed a rest from playing soldiers, his son was having none of it, he reveals here. He and his co-stars describe how scary it was filming the battle scenes in their new movie. By Eva Lawrence

Jude Law has just spent weeks facing the horrors of war.

As a Russian sniper in his new movie, Enemy At The Gates, he’s lost sleep and traipsed through mountains of mud and muck.

But Jude is used to going short of beauty sleep - although it doesn’t show.

And the horrors of muck in particular help him escape the pressures of fame.

“My wife is also an actress,â€￾ he explains, “and we have a baby daughter and a son together, and my stepson.

When you’ve got three kids you haven’t got time to talk about work, you’re too busy wiping bottoms.

Kids just expect you to be their dad and that makes it easy to hang up your boots at the end of the day and return home.â€￾

Although Jude, 28, didn’t quite have the chance to relax as soon as he got home.

His four-month-old daughter Iris, and his stepson Finley, 10, from his wife Sadie Frost’s marriage to Gary Kemp, may help him chill out, but his son Rafferty, aged four, wouldn’t let him go off-duty.

Says Jude: “When you take your costume off you also take the character off. But Rafferty loved me playing a soldier.

“The annoying thing was, when I got home, I had to be a soldier for him too.

So we were crawling around the floor and I was, ‘God, I have to do this at work!’ but he didn’t understand that.â€￾

At least Jude has a missus that acknowledges the pressure he’s under.

Sadie’s about to shoot Uprising opposite Jon Avnet and Donald Sutherland, and knew what the movie world was like before her hubby.

Did she tell him what he was letting himself in for?

“No,â€￾ Jude grins. “Not at all actually, she just stood back and watched me, had a laugh! She’s the kind of woman who can put her mind to anything - it’s sickening sometimes.

“She’s been designing women’s clothes - scented underwear called Smelly Knickers - and they’re selling round the world,â€￾ he adds.

“It’s great, but I have stacks of Smelly Knickers in my bedroom, boxes of them, which just drives me mad.â€￾

Jude says Sadie finds the media calling him sexy “a little bit boring, like I doâ€￾, but both have come to expect it. After all, he has got his kit off on screen several times . . .

“I don’t really like sex scenes, I don’t think they add much,â€￾ admits Jude.

“Imagination is a lot more exciting, but if it’s in the script, you’ve got to enter into it as much as any other part of the role you’re playing.

Any nudity I’ve done has been important for the story. I don’t know if I’ll feel the same in 30 years - maybe then I’ll stop doing it.â€￾

His new movie includes a sizzling spot of Enemy action - a steamy romp with the dark-haired and curvy Rachel Weisz.

Is she Jude’s kind of woman, or does he prefer the Gwyneth Paltrow type?

“Which is my idea of beauty in women? I have to say my wife, don’t I? Sadie is very dark and petite, but all the women I’ve worked with are strong and beautiful in a very different way.â€￾

Jude is not just paying lip-service to Sadie’s beauty. His arm proves it!

“On my right arm I have a symbol that looks like a butterfly. On the left I have a quote from a Beatles song, Sexy Sadie, in honour of my wife.

“For me beauty comes from within and beauty is what you choose to see and the best way to be beautiful is to love yourself.â€￾

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Postby Katie44 » Sun Mar 04, 2001 5:06 pm

That's so cute that he would play soldier with his son. thanks pinkglam

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Postby gutterpunk78 » Thu Feb 07, 2002 6:38 pm

Jude Law is a wonderful actor. I loved him in 'Wilde' and 'The Talented Mr. Riply.'

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