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Postby Daniel Rabbit » Sun Mar 25, 2001 1:22 pm

Dear Mr. Cheadle--

I am the biggest fan you've ever had, and I'm not even fat. Well, not grossly fat (246 lbs), but I lift the free weights sometimes. I've seen all of your movies: 'Boogie Nights'; 'Ramparts of Sin'; 'Over the Line'; and 'Rukka Tukka Chum'. Your work as the One-legged Spank Champion was phenomenal. I goggled!

Listen-- I am such a huge fan of yours, as well as an aspiring actor. I wanted to run something by you as a matter of respect. I was told my name was too innocuous for the industry. You have to admit, the name Daniel Rabbit doesn't make you want to watch me flip some guy over my shoulder. That is why I'm legally changing my name to: 'Tweedle Don Cheadle Beetle'. I know it sounds like your name, but I think it's different enough so that it won't have an impact on your career. Would this be all right? I hope you say yes. Please let me know, as my headshots have already been made (my Uncle Rip took some photos of me in my Batman costume. I look really good!).

Thank you in advance for allowing me to honor you by changing my name. Who knows, we may be in the same movie some day. Just think of it: 'The Gilden Shamrock', starring Don Cheadle and Tweedle Don Cheadle Beetle. We'll rumble the Silver Screen!

By the way, I heard you were going to sleep with the Gorillas for one night at the Metro Toronto Zoo. Why? Are you in Greenpeace? When are you doing this? I'd love to tape it. Aren't you afraid? Whatever you do, don't show them your teeth.

Take care, and I look forward to hearing from you--

Your Fan and Friend,

Daniel Rabbit, soon to be known as Tweedle Don Cheadle Beetle    

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