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Postby allie » Tue Nov 14, 2000 10:20 pm

I guess its too late to help no but R U with AOL? If so U can access the chat by clicking on 'Chat' on the welcome screen & then following the links to 'AOL live'. I don't know how to access it if you are not with AOL.

Anyway, rest assured, U did not miss much. It was just Ricky managing to answer every question exactly the same way he normally does - all about spirituality & how much he loves what he does, he loves he fans & he loves his friends & family. All rather boring actually!!! Anyway, AOL keep transcripts of all chats. Sorry I can't help U with where to get them but just go to AOL.com & have a look around, I'm sure you'll find it.

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Postby admin » Wed Nov 15, 2000 12:57 am

I can't help either.. don't have AOL

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