Ricky's New Cd Named Tal Vez

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Postby MrsEJMM » Fri Jan 24, 2003 12:17 am

I heard the name of his new Spanish CD will be Tal Vez which means Maybe in English. :D

Ricky, are you trying to tell us something with that name of the CD? :P

It will be released at the end of February. So, I guess Ricky is ahead of his schedule. Wasn't it supposed to come out in April? I will have to brush up on my Spanish pronunciation, so, I will be able to sing along with his new songs all in Spanish! ;) I can't wait! :D :D

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Postby rinoa » Fri Jan 24, 2003 1:33 am


Tal Vez is the title of the first single, this will be released at the end of February. The album will come out in April. I can't wait too. I love Ricky's spanish songs better than english. :P

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