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By Patricia Vargas

Ricky was a while in Old San Juan where few recognized him.

RICKY MARTIN was yesterday practically incognito in Old San Juan, where for an hour he visited the gallery Paloma behind closed doors. The singer arrived at the establishment interested in buying some paintings by Puertorican artists.

"Ricky is on a strictly personal visit", said to El Nuevo Día Joselo Vega, assistant to the singer, who also indicated that this was a 'lightning' visit.

The boricua star, who looked thinner and was wearing jeans and a tshirt, was interested in paintings by Lorenzo Homar, Roberto Moya, José Alicea and Reinaldo Figueroa.

"I didn't recognize him when he arrived. It was my husband who identified him immediately saying: 'Look, its Ricky Martin, the one that you have all the music of'. He is a sweet person and was very enchanting (charming). At this time he did not leave with anything because he decided to think about it a little more", said Sharon Moya, proprietor of the gallery and wife of the painter Roberto Moya, who gave the singer a poster as a gift.

But the most incredible thing as he passed through San Juan is that Ricky left the gallery and walked on the sidewalks steps from a protest of teachers and noone took notice of his presence.

"Hola boricua", said the singer, making the peace sign on his way to the parking area of the Cathedral, where a black Mercedes Benz waited. There was waiting a couple and a young boy. Joselo got into a white van, which we presumed to be his escort (security).

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