"a Gift Of Peace Arrives"

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March 14, 2003
"A gift of peace arrives"
Rut Tellado Domenech
Special for El Nuevo Dia

In the middle of a heated enviroment because of the sound of the drums of war, there's "arriving in the perfect moment" Un llamado a la paz (An invitation for Peace), the new DVD that summarizes what happened in the International Conference Peace in the Peace.

"The DVD is a gift for everyone and even more now in this moments where we're almost reaching a war with so much disaster", assured Jose Rafael Coss, general manager of Coss Group, the company in charge of the concept and the edition of the disk.

This is including the speeches of the doctor and philosopher of Hindi ascendance, Deepak Chopra, the Argentinian writer Ernesto Sabato, the winners of the Nobel Prize for the Peace, Oscar Arias and Betty Williams, and the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, among others.

Also, it includes the musical performance of Ednita Nazario, Robi 'Draco' Rosa, Danny Rivera, Fiel a la vega, and the duet of Wilkins and Antonio Barasorda, along with the Symphonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico.

"The idea is to deliver to the worldwide public the best of the speeches of this defensors of human rights and the local artists to keep educating about peace and avoiding wars" stated Coss about this production of TUTV, Channel 6.

An invitation for peace is sponsored by the New Humanity Center of Puerto Rico, the group that organized the starring people of the past conference. The DVD is the first masive project that is promoting this organization.

The second one will be a book with the same title that will be ready at the end of April and it contains all the speeches. The CD, that will be soon translated to English for its worldwide distribution, will just include a summary that alternate the conference along with music to make it amusing. It has over an hour of duration.

About the benefits of this production for the public, Coss said that "it's a historic document". This disk will be on sale during the concentration "Peace on Earth, No to War", to be taking place in the 23rd of the current month, at 1:00pm in Caguas. It will also be available in La Gran Discoteca, Casa de los Tapes, Blockbuster, in several bookshops and by Internet via paz.parallegar.com.

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