His Soul Is In Silence

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<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>RICKY MARTIN: HIS SOUL IS IN SILENCE, BUT HIS BODY IS LOOKING SEXY AND ENTERTAINING

-He has passed a year looking for his spirituality
-After finding peace, he is looking to cut loose
- I want to feel a 'bomb' of pleasure

His soul finds himself in blessed peace, but RM can't leave the crazy life behind....afterall his body keeps asking and screaming of the pleasures that he is accustomed to, sexy and entertaining, already he is a man that sheds sexiness out of all the pores of his skin, for this he will be returning with a new image, where he will show daringly his athletic body in a style designed by Armani, that will show all of his muscles for to kill with pleasure his most ardent followers.


For this, now that he returns, he has to get up to date in all those things he left hanging.... and to find someone who cares and looks after him, the way he deserves. But don't forget that before all else this man needs love, lots of love, pleasure and entertainment! And the invitation for those to love him more that that and those that wish to that keep following the dream made reality, this he confessed, that without finding a partner that he has decided to abandon his loneliness.

"Yes, I am single", he admits, but this motivates, the star continues to provoke the most voluptuous and lascivious passions with his sexy dances while singing with his velvety and sensual voice for true love and eternity that can be found without being in his bed.


Between his coming and going to present his new material with lyrics by Juanes and Franco de Vita, for the rest of this year, Ricky, even though he craves peace, that he has always looked for during his vacation, he will return with "THE CRAZY LIFE" of presentations, with at least the bringing of the message of love in his songs, now that he has convinced us he is a star of his flights he doesn't have to go on living his existence without sharing all that he has attained with his romantic side. Here is what is happening, the singer, as he confirmed, not only wants to give sufficient time to sing of love but also about having sex. " The sex is an extension of love, One cannot exist without the other", he affirmed. After this declaration many of his followers will say that this adorable Adonis not only will continue promoting peace, but now he will touch off the war of the sexes with a lot of pleasure.


Now that Ricky returns to the arms of his millions of admirers, he returns more pleasant to show his enchantments so well distributed through his body, but not so badly distributed between that which we want and desire. For this, he will not leave anyone without their desires, the artist confirmed that he will gift his sensuality on the stage, after all he doesn't want to lower the standard of the Boricuan Bomb and the sexiness and now has returned more romantic than ever by his interpretations. "Because this love that I bring from inside I have to give it back on the stage".</span></span></span> Translated by EKelly on TSARM
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