Ricky Is Natural But Aggressive

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Postby rinoa » Mon Mar 24, 2003 1:17 pm

Thanks to Daniella from TSARM who brought it from El Vocero. Let's see tomorrow the paper edition if they're the same as El Nuevo Dia

Ricky is natural but aggressive

By: Yolanda Rosaly
Subdirector ESCENARIO

Very related to fashion, fresh, free and sweetly agressive. That's how we can describe the image that our Ricky Martin will be presenting due to the launch of his new CD, "Almas del silencio", and after three years, precisely of musical silence.

The impressive pictures, artwork of the master Pablo Alfaro, were sent to media last friday with the promise of not publish them until yesterday, March 23 (yesterday, Sunday).

Since ESCENARIO and EL VOCERO of Puerto Rico publish from Monday to Saturday, is not until today that we can share with you this photographic artwork that show us Ricky anticipating the eras and very accurate.

Ricky looks very comfortable with his clothings that are jeans from two Italian brothers, creator of the D'Square line. Some of the shirts, with a rich texture in its fabrics are also from D'Square. Meanwhile, his boots are "Vintage" and he has several accesories, something totally new in Ricky.

At Joselo's command
The Puerto Rican José Vega, Ricky's personal manager and who has worked with the artist during this past 11 years, armed efficiently the team that would be working with the new image of the artist. What you have to do after so many years of career and having success with each one of them? Simple: return to the natural, to the simple.

In this way, Joselo (as Vega is called) hired Ariane Phillips, a prestigious image designer what, among other, had in charge the Madonna's looks. You judge with such person.

Along with them there's the recognized hairstylist Jimmy Paul, who designed and did the new haircut of the Puerto Rican star, that consists of an uneven style, with some long locks at front and the rest, short; very comfortable, easy to handle and perfect to make several looks. About his hair color it keeps been the brown color with blonde highlights.

As his clothes, his look is very youngster and just as the new international trends.

Silver hands
From his new image, we were shocked by the rings he uses in six or seven of his fingers. These are from an exquisite line, with spectacular designs, all done in solid silver.

From what we knew, at the beginning the own Ricky wasn't so convinced of having them. Then the own Ariane suggest him: "go away with them, use them for some days and if you feel them as yours, keep them. If not, we won't use them". But, he adapted and finally, he was satisfied about how he looked.

Ricky also has some accesories in his neck, consisting in necklaces made of leather ropes and another one getting out from his pocket until his pant or hand, also made with leather and silver, remembering a little bit the fashion of our grandpas.

He keeps with Armani
In the other way, the tight relationship between Ricky, Joselo and the international designer Giorgio Armani and originated by Wilfredo Rosario (vicepresident of Giorgio Armani in USA) have made that the famed designer keeps willing to be part of the successful and ascendant career of the Puerto Rican.

ESCENARIO knew that, several months ago, Armani met with Joselo to let him know that all his staff and creativity was in the singer's disposition; that he wishes to keep been part of his work staff.

Without doubts, this was an offer they hadn't rejected so, inmediatly, the work started and Ricky's wardrobe for his personal promotional presentations around Latin America it's already done and will keep the essence of the new image: jeans, modern and simple shirts; youngster defined accesories and, as always, with an enviable elegance.

Hot CD cover
The new CD of Ricky will be in the market in May 20, and as we knew, the CD coverart will be in the same way as the pictures, although a little bit different. Among the pictures in consideration are the ones where he's in leather jackets and pants, where he's very daring (aggressive/hot).

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Postby MrsEJMM » Sun Mar 30, 2003 5:41 pm

<span style='font-family:Courier'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blue'>I had not read this. This is a cool article. :o </span></span></span>

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Postby wanawsha » Wed Apr 02, 2003 1:57 am

B) I think his new look is coool. The pic on the Amor fm website (you can listen to Tal vez) he sort of reminds me of Matt Goss :P, he had that sultry look when Matt was in the middle of his music carrer. Ricky is the boogey :crazyjump:

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