Ricky Martin, Return Of The Fever

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Ricky Martin, Return of the Fever

Ricky Martin woke up that morning in Puerto Rico and his first thought was “The album. I have to finish the album.â€￾ Like a child he was attracted to his homework and doing the homework of his latest reappearance. Because he returns with a new album. In reality it is two, one in Spanish and the other in English, with spectacular productions, original songs on both and a totally new sound.

Today the star has a crazy day. In the afternoon he will be found with the Puerto Rican press in a round of questions that will ask who knows what. Nevertheless, now that we finally talk to him, his voice sounds tranquil, even though in reality he declares ‘this is the tranquility that will leave, now that we begin again the warâ€￾. To say : now begins once again the tours, concerts, the delirium, fainting, the interviews, on radio and TV, all over, to the end the ‘Rickymania’ a type of crazy life, but crazy in truth. “This is exhausting,â€￾ he says,â€￾ but I don’t know how to do it any other way.â€￾

Of course Ricky is not a machine. After his last album he took a rest of more than two years, which was a little prolonged in a world that doesn’t seem the same without his songs. “Many people told me ‘don’t stop now’, he told me. “But the thing is you can’t plan much. After Livin La Vida Loca, my life was in a constant state of euphoria, I needed time to travel and to see my guru.â€￾ His profound spirituality—something that has called the attention of a lot of people inside and outside of his environment. - It is not anything recent in him. “For a long time, I have been in a searchâ€￾, he said. “I have seen many philosophies and religions, and have obtained much peace studying a little of all of them.â€￾

But he has finished with his rest. On April 8th he will launch his first single TAL VEZ a ballad composed by Franco de Vita, and the 20th of May will come ‘Almas de Silencio’, his first Spanish album since that bomb of 1998, VUELVE. For this prodution Ricky has surrounded himself with the “dream teamâ€￾. And we are not exaggerating: the album will have compositions by Alejandro Sanz, Ricardo Arjona, Emilio Estefan, Juanes and also NADIE MAS QUE TU, a theme composed by the very Ricky Martin himself. “Each of the songs has something particularly marvelous, it’s a product of the cultural exchange that exists between all of us,â€￾ he said. “And also, to all these songs, my producer Tommy Torres, and I, have added something of me that the people will know. Then comes the party, the fun, but with a sound you have not heard before.â€￾

The day of the photo session for Vogue en Espanol, in New York was a horrendous freeze. We arrived two days after the storm, in the middle of February, that had paralyzed the northeast of the United States. Esther Canadas, the top Spanish Model, arrived punctually and began to melt the cold camera. A little later arrived Ricky with a calm that simply no one else has after having watched his famous hip movements. Off the stage, Ricky Martin prefers to take off the weight of stardom. He pauses to talk, his manners and gestures friendly, a careful student of laws rather than the mastermind of the “Latin Feverâ€￾ that he has attacked the world with for years. Both of them, Ricky and Esther, are friends from some time and during the photo session could see them rehearsing between each pose. “With Esther, I feel very comfortable and can leave all inhibitions aside with her next to me,â€￾ he said. To him the perfect figure does not intimidate: the fleshy lips, her blonde hair and the penetrating gaze that has made her one of the most sought models on the planet.

In 1999 Esther appeared together with Pierces Brosnan in the movie ‘the Thomas Crown Affairâ€￾. And now she is preparing her first role in the film “TRILEROS’ (the title is temporary), a comedy of the Spanish Director Antonio de Real, in which Ester will play a prostitute that accompanies two men on a long trip. “The script calls for me to pay a lot of attention, she said recently, “because in the way of this world, I think it is good to laughâ€￾.

Ester is a star in her country and in many others. But her fame has become more than just as a model. Along with Ricky Martin, among other artist, she leads the Sabera movement, an institution characterized by their mission to rescue children in India. “I can only say that the only reason that Sabera exists is out of pure love,â€￾ said Ricky, who has traveled to this country on many opportunities. Remembering the first time that he visited, he spoke to the Spaniard Nacho Cano (the ex-member of group Mexicano), that has been to this country on various occasions and had been asked what he could expect from this country. And Nacho answered him, “I am going to tell you one thing: you will arrive in India and want to change the world. But remember that you are only one, and they are many millions.â€￾ “Nacho taught me the importance of patience in reaching your dreams of doing something, about the rescue of the girls, because they do not live alone in the streetsâ€￾, commented the artist.

Ricky started in music when he was 12 years old. His parents grew accustomed rapidly to having him out of the house for long periods, because of the tours that Menudo had. But the sacrifice has it rewards. The life of Ricky Martin could be told easily as part of the songs that he has made fashionable: Fuego Contra Fuego, Me Amaras, Maria…although nothing was quite as spectacular in hindsight as Vuelve. The Latin’s, of course, already knew all about Ricky, but the rest of the world started from this moment to ask who was this guy, how he danced with the music in his body, that could say La Bomba in Chinese, Swedish, English and German. I asked him what song he guards as the best of his career, and he told me ““La Bomba is a song that always brings me to life.â€￾ And he smiles a rogue smile, because consciously with this song he makes the most delicious mischief of his life.

“The first time that I sang in India, I gave a concert for 50,000 persons,â€￾ he told me. “I didn’t know that my language could reach out to so many, because unfortunately the information we had been given is that to make a crossover, you had to sing in English. But when I took the stage and at that moment 50,000 people in New Delhi started singing to my music in Spanish, it is to say “wow, this is magical.â€￾

The English album will be finished din a few months. It still does not have a title, but the singer assured us that his songs will have nothing to do with ‘Almas de Silencio’. He and his team are still working on this album, recording songs and coordinating arrangements. To tell the truth, the rest that he took has been only partial. “We have not been on the stage but we have been working a lot.â€￾ He said.

In this precise moment, Ricky can’t wait to get back to the stage. “Here is where you will find me Locoâ€￾, he told me, in perfect Puerto Rican Spanish. The tour of the album will include Latin America, Asia, the US, and Europe. It seems there will be no one left out of his euphoric return.

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