Entrega Su Amor A "people For Children"

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Entrega su amor a "People for Children"

Ricky Martin could retire today and continue living as a king for the rest of his life. Artistically, he has nothing left to prove, he broke barriers, opened doors, planted the flag, and wrote a new page in music history. In this stage of his life, he assures, he continues in the wheel for 2 reasons: he loves intensely his profession , and second, he insists that he has a social mission to complete.

It is for this reason that various months ago he created a Foundation called "People for Children", with the wish to erradiate, or at least to minimize, the child prostitution in the world.

"Yes, I could sleep the same now and nothing would worry me ever again. But I am doing this because I like it, I need the stage. I don't want to sound presicent, nor out of place, but i am very happy with what I have accomplished. Nevertheless, I want to continue going forward, there is a mission that I have to encourage and complete", he assured us in an interview exclusive with ESCENARIO in Salvador, Bahia Brazil, where he filmed his new video by the name of JALEO which will be found on his new album "Almas del silencio".

He received Signs

"On the road, I have been receiving signs. With the passing of time, one takes stock of what things have occurred and the reason that you exist and why things happen. I am in this environment to accomplish other things: more that just a musical contribution:' said Ricky.

The singer tells us that his wish to help children goes back to 1984 when, being with the group Menudo, he became a spokesperson for UNICEF

"While in Menudo they took us to the poor neighborhoods of Brazil to have dinner with the children of the streets. From then until now I have known that the true defficiencies of the essential and abuse, of what is the need of people to try and earn money to survive." he explained.

"Sabera" Marked his Life

Previous to "People for Children", Ricky had direct contact with the rescue of girls from the streets of India. The institution called SABERA and among their supporters the top model Ester Canadas and the actor español Antonio Banderas.

"Of all the children that have received the help of SABERA there are 3 that are very special to Ricky: Aisha, Zoida y Dail. "They are 3 little dolls. And yes you know how I found them! One of them, Zoida, was like a doll in a trap. I found her in the street, wrapped in her bag of plastic while sleeping: she was like a rag doll and with rat bites. She lived in an area full of malaria. We took her to the hotel where we were staying in Calcutta, we called the doctor, and when he arrived, he didn't want to touch her. We told him to leave. It was like 3 in the morning. The next day arrived the doctor from the Foundation and he took her to the hospital. They gave her a suppository and and serum and she was better. The only thing she had was a bit of indigestion. Imagine! If standing in India, I have indigestion, this is horrible. These girls lived in the street, where they could fall, we would be killing them. The imunoligical system of these children is untouchable, nothing makes them sick. Then, how could one eat what these children eat, and not have indigestion from this? Only God knows!, said Ricky, visibly effected by the memory of this anecdote.

"This child was a miracle. The mother thought that the girls were going to die. To this day we stay in contact. Each time I go to India I see her, and , also, we talk on the INternet. They have a 'business center' in Sabera. Every day they let them go, for a little while, and send
messages, letting them send postcards, etc.", said the proud artist of that which he has done to help these young girls.

Liberating Work

Ricky has registered the foundation "People for Children" and already he has made filings with the US Department of State to secure the funds necesary to continue the investigation and make the next step: to give knowledge to the statistics of child prostitution in each country where it exists.

" I am going to make it a personal work. I am going to get together with the president of each country to demostrate that this occurs and it will make me do whats necessary to erradicate this evil," he insists.

According to what Ricky explained to us, so much that he has now formed part of the Board of Directors of "People for Children", where they have studies that confirm the immense number of children that are 'sold for sexual favors" to strangers in exchange of money.

"Pedophiles, for example, are sick people. But we want to make it a crime, for those that, consciously, sell their own children to these sick ones to get money. This cannnot be! I had a childhood and adolescence very clear. I have seen things very sanely. I have a niece and I want to have children that will grow up in a clean society. For this I have chosen to help with this problem., " Expressed Ricky.

He gets support

The artists also had support from the leaders of another foundation called American Slavery Association, based in Africa, which, 6 months ago, gave freedom to 6,000 men, women and children that were treated as slaves. "It's incredible that these things keep happening. Now I want to give some freedom to those thousands of kids that are prisoners of prostitution", confesses Ricky.

Another person who opened the doors to Ricky is Dalai Lama, high leader of Buddhism in India, a religion that the artist practices.

"I called the people of Dalai Lama to talk about the foundation, about the problem. He has a full schedule with 2 years of anticipation but he gave me an audience. He will receive me and will record a public service advertisement for the foundation", states Ricky, just like we already stated in advance.

This meeting was supposed to be April 13. But due to problems confronted with the permissions for the private jet to fly over an area near Iraq, the meeting had to be postponed. Now it's scheduled for May.

"The Dalai Lama just reads and meditates; he doesn't watches TV nor listen to radio. Maybe he doesn't even know who am I. He just wants to help everyone who wants to do something for society", tells Ricky, who also has received support from the well known musician Bono and the cinema actor Richard Gere, who also practices Buddism.

Looks for peace

"I'm not religious; I'm spiritual. But we all have the same goal: achieving peace. There are many religions, a lot of philosophies of life and they're all wonderful. The catolicism is a precious religion; the rituals, the ceremonies; just like buddism, the Islam, they all have the same purpose, which is reaching God, Allah, Jesus Christ, Buddah. And they are all a link to a superior energy, which is what gives me peace today. I asked a lot of questions and I was driving myself crazy. No one has an answer. And I'm very analitical and I have to perceive to believe. And if you don't have spirituality in a career like this one, you start thinking you're God; and if you think you're God, you're dead. And I want to live; I want to live to help", ended Ricky.

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Great job Ricky. We are with you. :)

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