Ricky Martin Moves Brazil With His Commotion

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Ricky Martin Moves Brazil with his commotion

ESCENARIO/Sebastián Márquez Vélez
By: Yolanda Rosaly
Subdirectora ESCENARIO

SALVADOR DE BAHIA, Brazil— One of the auditions done here for the selection of the talent for the music video for Ricky Martin, corresponding to the song "Jaleo", resulted in a true commotion.

Ricky himself wanted to review the gruop "Capoeira", that the selection team had preselected.

The "casting" took place in one of the meeting rooms of the hotel where Ricky is staying.

Exactly at the time scheduled Ricky appeared. Dressed comfortably he arrived and greeted everyone including the Art Director of this video and the one made last week in Argentina, "Tal vez", Brigitte Broch (winner of an Oscar forr ‘Moulin Rouge’).

The Rythym Invades his Spirit

Immediately the audition began. Ricky was totally concentrating and fully enjoying this traditional dance of Brazil.

A few minutes later he rhythm took over his spirit and he let himself go. With his hands and body, still sitting, he danced to the beat of the drums and other instruments.

The "Capoeira" was a style of fighting developed by the African slaves at the end of the 19th century in this coastal city of Brazil. The "Capoeira" is not done anywhere else in the world. In its beginnings it was prohibited and those that did it were punished.

With the passing of time it became a typical dance when music and lyrics were added. These narrate stories of the people and the place where they are done.

Upon the conclusion of the 15 minute presentation all present stood up and applauded the group. The leader of the group approached Ricky all the others to express appreciation for the opportunity, and at the same time the artist told him, in perfect Portuguese, that his participation was approved and congratulated him on his presentation.

Tremendous "Commotion"

And speaking of celebrations, one of the members of the group was having a birthday which is why they asked Ricky to join them in singing the also traditional "Happy Birthday", of course, in Portuguese.

After this the young men invited Ricky to execute their dance as well as the other members of the production team, converting this into a true "commotion".

Afterward, the group left and Ricky stayed in the meeting room with his team until it was time to rest to be able to wake up early yesterday and begin filming the video.

Debuts in First Place

An another hand, Ricky Martín debuted on the radio charts of the Magazine Billboard as #1 in the "Hot Latin Tracks" with the single "Tal Vez", a song from his new cd production. This song, composed by Franco de Vita and produced by Tommy Torres, has become a radio success without precedent. It's been five years since a single has placed #1 in only one week of release and with such a high rating.

The artist said he felt "happy and appreciative by the support of the public". The cd of the boricua star that is titled "Almas del Silencio", will be on sale the 20th of May and it is expected that the artist will do three big presentations in Puerto Rico, México and Spain.

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