Transcript Of Radio Deejay Interview

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Many thanks to AcoolPRican84 on TSARM forum for translation.

D> DJ's
V> Valeria
R> Ricky

D> A wonderful Easter-week day, with a special surprise, we have him today, it's a beautiful tradition in Italy, the egg with the surprise inside, and today it has a special thing... and Valeria will do a special introduction to Ricky Martin, who is with us today
V> Now going on air an emerging singer that has arrived, here with us today, Ricky Martin! Meet the Laura Pausini of the radio and DJ Albertino...
D> Thank you!
V> Now I imagine Ricky Martin, marrying me and giving me a child
D> She's very sexy
R> She has a nice voice
D> Hey Ricky! Welcome!
R> Thank you!
R> Have you heard Jaleo?
D> Yeah, we heard it, we already heard it yesterday
R> So we're ready for the summer, huh?
D> We're very ready... but first of all Ricky, welcome back to Italy. I have to tell to the people that haven't seen you that you made a little change on...
R> My hair
D> The look
R> Is not... how do you say it? Neither short or long
D> But was it requested? Was it your choice the change of look?
R> It's important to change a bit... I don't know, you see my pics throughout my history and
D> You have been always changing
R> That's the way it is... I'm an artist, so I can make anything on me
D> Exactly... But now, Ricky Martin had gone himself to the closet
R> There were cockroaches in the closet
D> Ricky, we don't forget this tradition of Easter
R> The same happens in Puerto Rico
D> Where you have the egg
R> Yes, with the bunnies
D> And the surprise
R> And you hide it, just like in Puerto Rico
D> And you are our surprise
R> Ahhh... thank you very much
D> Yes
R> So that means I'm a big egg
D> Big egg... the biggest egg. But now you're releasing this new album, Ricky Martin
R> Titled Almas del silencio
D> Almas del silencio
R> It's my latest Spanish album
D> But, completely in Spanish?
R> Is not English, I wanted to return to the root
D> Like the beginnings?
R> The beginnings, to Puerto Rico, to the simplicity, everything's simple now
D> Great
R> Like Vuelve, who was the other
D> Big success
R> Big success in Spanish, not only in Latin America but in Europe, Asia...
D> All around the world
R> So that's why I need to return to my mother tongue... it's strenght, it's the summer
D> Your language is easy to understand, especially in a musical point
R> Yes... English was incredible for me, because... how can I say?
D> A new experience?
R> A new experience, the opportunity of travelling, 18 million copies sold around the world, it was incredible, but my life was too crazy
D> Very much
R> Yes, it was
D> He's tired now
R> No, not from that now
D> There's a lot of energy now, because he's rested
R> I have rested
D> How many time have you slept?
R> Two years
D> He slept two years
R> I was at home, I worked with new music and that's where I am today
D> Now we've heard the new single Jaleo
R> Jaleo
D> What does it means?
R> Jaleo is the explosion of emotions
D> Ok... Jaleo!
(Jaleo is played)
D> The summer, the summer, the summer is arriving... exactly
R> The romantic feeling of Ricky Martin here in Radio Deejay, stay with us
R> You can do something with it
D> No, I can't do things like you... Too short
R> You can do it, like in concert... singing it, it's easy
D> I must ask something to Ricky. Mr Martin, why when me and him are here there's no girl around? Nobody... and then you come...
R> I have no problem with it, I do like Radio Deejay because of this, when I arrive there are a lot of cute fans around
D> Can I come with you like 2 or 3 days?
R> Let's do a tour
D> Where?
R> All around Europe
D> All around the world, and we can say that we're friends of you
R> Sure
D> Very good friends
R> Sure, yes...
D> I had the curiosity about the Easter, since you live in Puerto Rico
R> My home is Puerto Rico
D> And do you live there?
R> I live between Miami and New York
D> And how are the Easter traditions in Puerto Rico?
R> They're are like in Italy
D> Are they like here? You have the doves...?
R> You have the doves... the family, very important in this time of the year and the Church, it's really cute, definitely...
D> And now the weather must be fine in Puerto Rico?
R> In Puerto Rico it's summer all the year long... When will you come to Puerto Rico? It's good for vacation
D> We return back to talk about Almas del silencio, the new Spanish CD, but will you release another English CD?
R> In November, I will come by then to Italy to promote another CD, which I wrote during this 2-year vacation time,
D> Why?
R> Because everything was really crazy, the life I was commiting with my career, I needed time for me
D> How much time you spent away from home when you're in a tour?
R> Two years
D> Two years?
R> Two years... concert, concert, concert, interview, interview, interview, press conference
D> What a life you're living... But there's still some warm treat for you all around the world with the people that get to you and compliments you and wish you the best...
R> I think that in the middle of this career, people builds a special feeling, there's an activation of such a feeling with the music
D> Can it be what you irradiate to the people?
R> I think that the African drums have something to do with it, my music have always that African drum
D> African drums... those are the base of the music, everything is born from it
R> It awakens the spirit
D> Exactly... Now Ricky, you're in Italy for a very short time...
R> Only 24 hours
D> Just that... and tomorrow?
R> Tomorrow I'm in Holland
D> Then?
R> Then it's Spain
D> Holland?
R> Yes
D> Tulipans!
R> Tulipans! You can find them in Italy and in Puerto Rico too
D> But they make them well
R> With every color known... then Spain, then Canada, India, Mexico, there's a lot of work
D> Without stops?
R> Without stops
D> And it's just for promotion?
R> Only promotion... And then in March I return to Italy to make concerts
D> And we come, if you want, we can make the tour along with you
R> Sure
D> And we say we're your friend... We are the friends of Ricky Martin
R> Very comic
D> Now, how is this one called?
R> Jaleo
D> No, this one being played now
R> Ah, this new one? Juramento
D> Juramento
R> It's a fusion between Anglo and Latin sounds
D> Mario... excuse me, hold it there for a second. You want to introduce it yourself like you did before?
R> Ok
D> Let's go
R> How are you my friends? This is Ricky Martin and you're listen the new single... What did I said? A song from the new CD, Juramento, here in Radio Deejay, stay with us!
(Juramento is played)
D> Almas del silencio, the title of the new album by Ricky Martin, who is today with us in Radio Deejay, a radio who is never surrounded by female presence like today. I haven't seen so much and all together... it's incredible the things that Ricky provokes. You know, the next time you come to Italy, make space for a few days to go shopping
R> A week would be perfect
D> He comes with me for a week... A common Ricky Martin day... how was today? Radio? TV?
R> I made 4 interviews, Radio Deejay, later I will be in MTV TRL, then 4 more interviews, the airport, Holland, I sleep, and then the same
D> There's no more time for you like you had in the past 2 years?
R> Two years, after, the work... in my hotel, I refuge, I read and meditate, it's very important for me... a little bit of yoga
D> Do you make yoga?
R> Every day
D> Does it helps you to be serene?
R> Yoga it's my freedom, it's my philosophy of life
D> Since when?
R> 7 years... this is the reason I travel to India, I spent time with the guru, now I have worked with a foundation called Sabera, with an orphanage
D> Where you're committed in an labor... a charity labor
R> It's very important, I think life has been grateful for me and I have to give in return to it
D> So you're doing very fine with it... Good! Very good!
R> Thank you, thank you
D> Check it out, beautiful, with a sense of humor, famous, very good talent and with a huge heart... he's fantastic... And the dancing, is it an important thing?
R> It's the priority
D> It's very important... Now, you have made in the past cinema, theater... have you been born with it?
R> My first work was with music, then it came the theater, TV, a little bit of cinema
D> Do you think you might be in a film in the future?
R> Maybe in two years, probably... now I'm focused in music, and I do want to return to theater, it was incredible. I made theater in New York, in Broadway... Les Miserables, and it was a big experience.
D> What thing does this man haven't made?
R> Everything
D> Do you even know how to cook?
R> I also cook... pasta, steaks
D> He's our friend but I'm very jealous... but really, it was a pleasure for us to have you here
R> Thank you very much, it was also a pleasure for me
D> When you return to Italy, we hope we can see you again, or if not, in concerts
R> I will return to my home in Radio Deejay
D> Thank you Ricky
R> A big hug and thank you very much!

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Paz y Amor y Ricky. :D

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I love Juramento. :P

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