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Postby rinoa » Thu Apr 24, 2003 1:00 am

"Hi everyone--thanks so much for all the love and support you have all
given me always---I am excited to be back promoting the album and look
forward to seeing all of you soon!!

In the meantime, I know that a lot of you have heard me talk about my
new charitable organization, PEOPLE FOR CHILDREN and I wanted to
personally give you a little more information, so you know what we are
beginning to do and what our goals are--

"PEOPLE For Children" is an organization dedicated to combating the
commercial exploitation of children
Child Slavery
Child Trafficking
Child Prostitution and Pornography
Children Used in Crime
Child Soldiers
Domestic Child Servants
Other Hazardous Child Labor

Unfortunately we can not deal with all these issues at once therefore
our priority will be Child Pornography and Trafficking and commercial

I will be speaking about the charity in the upcoming interviews and our
website will be up soon--I will let you all know how you too can
help--in any way, in the near future.

Thanks again for all your support and these amazing websites--you guys
are great, as always!! Much love, Ricky

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