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MADRID - Is not a whim saying that Ricky Martin raises the Puerto Rican flag whenever he is. In his second day in the Spanish capital, the Puerto Rican megastar stated clearly that his mother tongue is Spanish and that his blood beats for Puerto Rico. There he will come back to live, maybe, until the last day of his life.

"I will die in Puerto Rico, there's no doubt about it" said in the morning to the DJ Jose Antonio Abellan, from the radio program 'La jungla' (The jungle). Moments after that, he surprised him with a cake in his birthday celebration.

It was the second time Ricky sang the 'happy birthday' on this side of the world, since on Monday he celebrated the 44th birthday of Angelo Medina.

Ricky Martin was busy all morning long and part of the afternoon yesterday, Tuesday, with radio interviews of the main Madrid stations, and during the night, he recorded a special edition of the musical program "Musica si", of TVE (Television Española), hosted by Jennifer Rope and Hugo del Campos.

"We've been able to bring our language to India, to China, and the fact that people tries to talk in our language is fascinating", he continued in the chat with Abellan, where he also told him that he drove in his break, 10 hours from Miami until the Great Canyon of Colorado.

The singer, that each day gets more of the attention from the media and the fans in Madrid -to the point that they've followed him whenever he goes-, said that he has properties in Miami, New York and Puerto Rico.

Among the four to five houses he has in the Island, he said, that one of them was the house where he was raised in the metropolitan zone of San Juan. There he goes to meet with old friends, those who he rided his bike before joining Menudo with just 12 years. Now he's 31.

The chat with the DJ was done along with phone calls from fans in several parts of the world, including Argentina and Los Angeles (California). From this last one, called a girl named Jessica. "How are you, my dear?" greeted the artist, provoking her a delirium. "My love!", she screamed almost melted.

Ricky Martin, who has his video "Tal vez" premiering in Puerto Rico this Thursday at Telemundo, had critics for the discographic pirates, first with Abellan, and then in the radio program called "La mañana" (The morning) from COPE network.

"We have to be more aggressive with the security (of the distribution of the CDs), because there's a collapsing industry", said in a round table meeting with songwriters and music entrepeneurs.

The exchange of ideas was hosted by María José Navarro, who also talked with him about her recent vacations in Puerto Rico.

Just like what was happening outside the radio stations, in the interior of them, the corridors were crowded with employees, wearing their best clothes to see their idol. Cameras, paper and pen were ready for his hands.

Luckily, Ricky Martin always takes some minutes to please them. In this aspect, there's a big credit to his personal assistant, Joselo Vega, who cares about those details and also some technical details, such as watching for the camera angles in his TV presentations.

Let's not even talk about Rosa, a Puerto Rican that cares for him as her baby. She even gets to the hotel kitchens where they're resting to prepare his favorite dishes. Yesterday, tuesday, he was expecting the "servant" to get some plantain to cook him a mofongo.

The day continued with a radio interview with Jorge Plané, from Cadena Cien of COPE.

Then, in the afternoon, he attended the station 40 Principales to record a special program that will be broadcasted in May 19, in time for the release of "Almas del silencio" on that date, which seems to be the official release date worldwide.

When he presented the song that titles the album, the Puerto Rican star got emotional while talking about his 'brother' Alejandro Sanz. This admiration seems to be mutual, since the Spanish singer stated in the EPK of "Almas del silencio" -recorded in Ricky's house in Miami- how he was impressed for the love he has for his land, Puerto Rico.

The radio tour then followed the program "La ventana" (The window) from Cadena SER, where he was proclaiming again "boricua de pura cepa" (I'm 100% Puerto Rican), and also expressed his frustration thoughts about the US invasion in Iraq. He has two family members involved in it, he said.

In the program "Los + 40" (The + 40) and Cadena Dial ended the fast pace on the radios. A break of a couple of hours were useful to recharge energy and get on the scene in the youth program "Música sí", from TVE, with the provoking "Jaleo", that already starts to be contagious all over Spain.

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