Ricky Leaves A Mark On Barcelona

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BARCELONA – In one day of work for the star Boricua RM left a mark of euforia and at the same time serenity among his admirers and the media fo Barcelona at the height of his promotinial tour of Spain and his new album
"Almas del silencio".

After arriving in this city on Thurs. afternoon, the singer of Tal Vez spend the day with an intense agenda of interviews with papers, tv and radio before leaving in the night for the city of Montreal in Canada (YOU GO GIRLS!!! JM, MEL, BAMS and all the others

There he went, he said, even though in some cases teh SARS virus is seen in this country.

I am going to Montreal and I will have to wear a face mask. therer isn't a problem. I will use it" said the singer" but at the same time he let known his procupation with the health crisis that is direcetly affecting this nation and Asians.

Seated in a salon of the Hotel Artts, appointed to his likeng- with a little light, and incense- Ricky attneded the media, including the papers Vanguard, 20 minutes, and EL periodoio and the programs POP CITY CLUB, of City TV and New..., channel 33.

Here he returned to tell them about his return to the wheel after 2 years of absence, his hopes fsor the foundation "people for the Children" and of course, his new production, which will be luanched in SPain 19th ofMay. Latin AMerican 20th of May.

The superstar PR insisted that the album should have been called "Ricky Martin and Friends", after allt he composers know him and he streched out to his circle fo friends. Such as Alejandro Sanz, Ricardo Arjona, Juanes, Franco De Vita, Estéfano y Emilio Estefan, among others, they knew how to use the melodies of his emotions, obsessions, and highs and lows he expressed.

Maybe one of the best catured photograph so personal was from Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona with the title "Asignature Pendiente", a parody of his life." I have more cars than friends" it says in one line,something we don't beleive. And prefers to have less friendships, but those that are genuine.

The tranquility that surrounded the interviews in the hotel was broken when the announcers from Radio TeleTax and 40 Principales, where dozens of fans awaited him, from children to adult women, ready to pose at his sidse, kiss him, touch him, and take his autograph.

En Radio TeleTaxi, somes had the privelage of staying in a salon while he was interviewed by the announcer Justo
Molinero Calero, who went over the success of this music artist, and presented to his audience the songs
"Jaleo", "Tal vez" y "Besos de fuego". (OMG BESOS DE FUEGO>>>DID WE HEATR THAT YET????)

From this last, was only an extract of the song that will be copied on the internet before the launch of the album!!! All this as preventive medicin from his team to confron the issue of Piracy.
The recent composer repeated the histeria at Chanel 40 Prinipales, where he responded to questions from Aser Ruiz y Josep Bardemeus in the presence of another group of followers. 2 of them, got in his motorcade, and followed hiim back to his hotel wherre later they attended a fan club gathering "ricky's Love". As always, they brought him a shirt from Barcelona.

RM left Spain with the promis of returning in June for the resst of his album promotions.

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Anybody heard Besos de fuego?

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