Ricky Asks For More Support And Less Criticism

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Ricky asks for more support and less criticism


MIAMI - The Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin asked the media, in a press conference, to give more 'credit' to the Latin artists that have worked so hard in the Anglo market instead of critizing them.

Although at the beginning he didn't want to say names, the Puerto Rican then talked about Salma Hayek and himself, as artists that have been able to open a way in the complicated showbiz in US.

"Give us credit, please, it is not fair to just criticize and make sensationalism, because it's a lot of work and sometimes it hurts that the our own Latin people are the ones who critize you", commented Ricky.

And he praised the work of the actress from Veracruz because he said that it takes a lot of guts and inner strength to achieve all that she has done at the moment, such as the nomination for the Oscar.

"She's such a hard worker, she deserves a lot of credit", he said.

The singer of "Tal vez", the first single from his new album Almas del Silencio, explained that his main objective is to keep conquering the most distant places of the world with his songs.

"I want to keep raising high the Latin American flag, we're a lot of people that work for it and I will do it again with the CD (Almas del silencio)", expressed Ricky.

Smiling, accesible and ironic at times, the ex -Menudo said that one of his priorities, beside promoting the production that he'll release at the middle of the month, will be going ahead with his foundation 'Ricky Martin: People for the Children'.

"With it I want to help kids suffering from sexual exploitation, mainly in Latin American countries and in poor places in the world. I think that it's a stronger danger than drugs because we do have information about that, but regarding about the minor abuses we barely know things", he added.

The singer of "Livin' la Vida Loca" y "Fuego de Noche, Nieve de Día", assured us that he is worried that there are adults, with knowledge and conscience of their acts, that make a practice of selling children to the best bidder.

"It causes me a lot of frustration to tell you about this problem, when I was in India to help (with the Sabera Foundation) and I saw a lot of children that lived on the streets and had to become prostitutes...many people have commented to me that I am taking on a grave problem, because it is like a mafia, but that is not important to me, in any case I will do it", he said.
Given the award Star of the Year at the Latin Billboard Music Awards of 2003 this Thursday night, RIcky commented that he has the support of the Dalai Lama, de Richard Gere y del and the leader of U2, Bono, to give life and continuite to his foundation.

I hope that at some point I can do something together with them", he expressed.

Even though he has received criticism from some journalists that he has been too inaccessible, the singer of "She Bangs" assured us that he has always been disposed to chat, but that in these last years no one has surprised him with a good interview.

"What I wish is that they would surprise me, so many times this isn't so. They ask me the same questions every time, almost I could stick a cassette in and play it. I have done like 200 interviews in the last few months to promote ALmas del Silencio and they are all the same, gossip, speculation...", explained Ricky.

And he comented that since he retired from teh public 2 years ago because he needed a rest, and that he was tired of the cameras, all the sensationalism, and the hurried agenda of working and engagements that finally forced him to take a rest.

<span style='color:red'>BRAVO RICKY! I love the way he stood up for himself and other Latin artists.</span> :thumbup:

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