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Ricky siempre Ricky

Por: Keyla Medina-Rosa

Ricky Martin
Notwithstanding the fact that Ricky preferred to avoid the always attractive "red carpet" in order to enter the Miami Arena during the evening of the Billboards Awards,he captured the interest and was a protagonist of the show.
After many years far from the spotlight, the singer of "La copa de la vida" and "Maria", was one of the most awaited star, even if everything wasn't so perfect and left to the singer a "bitter taste" on his mouth.
During the press conference, someone wondered why being Ricky one of the "less accessible" stars , he received, year after year, many awards for his charity works
.Martin reacted immediately, looking disappointed and disturbed by such a kind of question.
"I took a two years break because i needed times for me, two years in a carrier lasted 19 order to look for peace and silence inside of me" the singer said.
"The only thing i'm able to do is releasing interviews" said the puertorican, adding that since his retourn to the world of music he gave 535 interviews all over Europe "Speaking of my music and my language, representing everywhere i have been the world of latin America" he said.
Someone then remarked that he tries to avoid journalists, at least the one from latin America, because he gave only 24 interviews of the 535 to the Spanish press.
Ricky, openly indignant, answered:" I love the fact that journalist are exigent with the artists, but give us credit" ended the artist with a challenching look directed to the journalist(a woman) who had made him such a remark.
Martin received from the hands of the man who was the "creator" of his success, Robi "Draco" Rosa, an award for his charity works.
The two of them had been working together for Ricky's albums, but , because of artistic and legal differents point of view, they decided to part their streets.
The way they greeted each others was very "mild" and "politically correct".
The press was concorde in blaming the way of thinking of Roby Rosa, person very well known for the mistery that sorrounds him,and who expressed himself more with his silence then with his words.
"I'm very proud, we have made many things together and this is a great night" said the artist.

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19 wonderful years.....I hope he sings forever! :wub:

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