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See the video here:

univision.com/contentroot/uol/av/2video/teens/musica/2003/04/030501rickychat56.asxUnivision interview 56K

univision.com/contentroot/uol/av/2video/teens/musica/2003/04/030501rickychat300.asxUnivision interview 300K

Ricky acapela singing "Raza del mil colores" Download it:
rickyforever.com/Multimedia/Raza.wmvRicky acapela singing

Here is the translation:

Ricky Brings you His Soul

Not always do you have the opportunity to ask questions of your idol. This time the person responding was Ricky Martin, who has dedicated many moments to listen to his fans. And he answered all that he could. See and review the interview of Ricky here. Do you like the interview? Give us your opinion.

First the Most Easy

1) valesp: Can you recommend to me a book?

Ricky: “The Four Accordsâ€￾ by Miguel Ruiz. It is a knowledge guide and simple. To better your life in the ‘tolteca’ knowledge where that race did not know the meaning of the word sickness., because there imunological system was perfect. I hope you enjoy it.

2) lucesitaif: ¿Where and what will you be doing 5 years from now?

Ricky: Well, in 5 years I hope to be on the stage and if singing, having the opportunity of bring my music in Spanish, in English, In French, in whatever language, to countries that don’t speak Spanish, I think that is important, to be close to my culture.

4)lulu03: ¿How would it be to spend a day in the life of Enrique José Martín Morales?

Ricky: It would be a bit rare, because I am not Enrique “José“, to begin with.. Jose is a name some newspaper person one day invented and baptized me with this name. The same as my great-grandfather, my grandfather, and my father, I am called Enrique Martín. I think that there is no difference between the artist and the one that cooks a paella in the house. This would only feed a psychiatric sickness of having a double personality, we don’t want that. I think that what you see is what I am, I can’t have a thought in my house and another thought or ideology on the stage. And when I am in my house it is very simple: work, or even better to play with the dogs, I am with friends, and family.

6- indi19: What are some of your personal priorities at age 32?

Ricky: I am not 32 yet, I was born Dec. of 1971 and my priority at this moment is to take care of myself, advise myself, and protect my spirit in the best way possible, it can be a bit harmful all this euphoria in which I lived for so long, so that is why I value more taking care of myself inside before I begin to look outside.

10) dulceladda: I am going to visit your country Puerto Rico., what is the best place on the island?

Ricky: I could be here an hour! I think that the Island of Puerto Rico has many spectacular places, it is a small island, but it would take a complete month and not see it all. We have mountains, we have the rain forest, we have a colonial city, we have marvelous beaches, we have a casino if you like to play, we have great food, you have to eat the “friturasâ€￾ (fried food) of the island, a good alcapurrias and some bacalaitos and piñones, this is the law. If you come to Puerto Rico and don’t go to Pinones, this would be
Like saying you had never been there.

14) JezabelRM17: ¿What do you like to do that you don’t have time to do?

Ricky: I need to parachute jumping because it is something that I like to do a lot but at this time while I was away from the cameras I hurt a cervical from sky jumping and had a hernia in a vertebra and I had to be tranquilized, I couldn’t go surfing, I could parachute, nor could I ride my motorcycle or my bicycle, but the parachuting is something I miss. I think that it is the time. After some great therapy that that gave me, I think that I am ready to do it again.

25)KIKI24: When you think of how important you are to some of your fans, how does that make you feel?
Ricky: What a beautiful question. Much responsibility, but at the same time comfortable, because this career and my life has given me many opportunities that have come to me in a very natural form and I tell myself that my mission is this, that I can make that is fine with me and with my spirit and with my mind and later I can practice with what I have done. It is a big responsibility but my public helps me with it a lot.

26) anabel_mencia: ¿What do you think is the significance of the unconditional love of your fans?

Ricky: For this I say that it is very important always to know what it is that the public feels to know that when you are doing good and when you are doing badly. I think that at times you can’t please to the world, it is a balance where you always come with a lot of honesty. I think that there exists a certain anxiety, I don’t think that it is fear, although it is good to feel sometimes because it is only human. But I am anxious and enthusiastic, because in this album I am presenting who I am, and there are many challenges that are costly to bring it to life and this also brings me satisfaction.
Ricky en la intimidad

7) preciosito: ¿Why don‘t you have a girlfriend, seeing that you are so handsome?

Ricky: I don’t have a girlfriend, you want to marry me? Immediately! I think that my personal life has always been protected, it is an instinct born in me. I am a man that believes in love and that wants to be in love. It just happens that I have done a great job in keeping it to myself.

9) leisita: ¿How do you sleep, and what is the first thing you do when you get up?

Ricky: ¡WEpa! ¿How do I Sleep? With my eyes closed….no, I think it is important when you open your eyes in the morning to meditate a little and to be awhile in silence to warm up the motors and to be prepared for what the day will bring. After I get breakfast, I turn on the computer and the Internet, to see what is happening in the world, to answer my email messages, to check Univision.com, to check what is happening in the entertainment field, and of course later to work. I think that now, with the release of this disc, the priority is to present my music and to exchange ideas with the people that I work with.

12) loaded: ¿ What has been said about you that has affected you the most?

Ricky: Well look, all that is said of me, first I have to see who said it. There are many media that pass for journalists that in reality aren’t. Then, if they don’t have credibility, what are they trying to do?

And when they say something that punches me in the shoulder, well the best thing is to ignore it, or at least to practice making ignorance. And repeat: ignore the ignorant, it should be the rule of life for many.

15) Olga26bella: ¿When will you come to Russia and what names will you give your children?

Ricky: Well, I hope to be in Russia if God wants it in the month of March, not only with Almas del Silencio, but also with my new English Album that will be out at that time. Name of my children? I don’t know yet, I think that when they are born, we will know. I think that if I have a boy he will have my name to follow tradition. If it is a girl, you will have to ask the mama!

alexandra1603: ¿What is your ideal woman?

19)Ricky: I think that the ideal woman…well I am not a chemist, I think that everything can change, always the woman would have to be intellectual, physical, and one that takes care of herself to be very feminine, that has a lot of class, this is the most important. And I would like her to speak my language, so that I can talk about ‘Chesperito, no?

20)Bailes: ¿What question would you like to have asked that you have never answered?
Well that is difficult, to answer this... It hasn’t been asked before and I have never answered it!?

21.1) tatyalegria: ¿Would you like to marry me?

Ricky: Immediately my love, You want to marry me?

27) anita82: ¿Could you fall in love with a fan?

Ricky: Well, ¿what is the difference between a fan and a woman.

30)kathas: ¿What is it you like best about your body?

Ricky: ¿What are we talking about? I don’t know, my smile.

About his soul

8) alinel: ¿What religion are you?

Ricky: I think that I am not religious, I am a being that is more spiritual, that is very different. Religion can be even the devil. I believe very much in one God, in this God that gives messages to the land, with a message of peace, of love, of light, that only presents this mission in life, that is close to this God, that there is definitely a superior force than me and fortunately I have learned much of many philosophies on this planet and that teach us to find some type of serenity, and it has been a marvelous message, the truth.

16)Araceli Tuminelli: ¿How does it feel to be a Papa of the girls that you adopted in India?

Ricky: I have seen many changes in a creature, to know these girls. It is fascinating to see how this miracle can change the life of someone. When I say it is a form of miracle, it is because the destiny that these girls had and later after the Sabera Foundation we have rescued them from this pat and given them education and love. Unfortunately in India they don’t permit a literal adoption, so I travel to India each time that I can go to be with the and be a good god-father.

17) mircalla: ¿At sometime have you ever felt completely alone?

Ricky: Look, at times I have screamed for silence, a at times I have needed to have some time for me to be alone, to be tranquil, to be in my room and simply be. I think that I am a very fortunate human being, that has been surrounded by a lot of love, that of my family, of my friends. I want to break the cliché in this the middle of this music atmosphere, where they say that artist are alone in this world, poor them. It is not my case, fortunately I have people at my side that pull my ear when it needs it, that remember how important it is to keep your feet on the ground, that remember who I am, and what I am made of and for this I am blessed.

21 smpenalo: ¿What have you learned from Buddhism?

Ricky: The teachings of Buddha are very simple, to be full of a common feeling, they are very practical, very palpable, you don’t have to have headache to understand the message. The best of the teaching s of Buddha and his representative, the Dalai Lama is that you are not aggressive, that you control yourself.

28) angel1479: If you could go back and relive one day in your life what would it be?

Ricky: I think I would relive a day with my Grandmother.

29)spanisheyes16: ¿Do you miss the presence of a loved one?

Ricky: Yes, my Grandmother I always miss a lot, but she is better than I.

22)rmlinda77: ¿Are you happy?

Ricky: I am happy at times, because one can’t be happy all of the time. The happiness is a moment of commotion, of euphoria where all is the color of roses and this is where I find listening t music, kissing your partner, in silence, in the desert or on the peak of a mountaintop, but it comes from inside, not from outside. This is very important to know.

13)princesa romana: ¿What does the work ‘friendship’ mean to you?

Ricky: I think that without friendship you would have to live in some kind of emptiness if you don’t know the meaning of this word and you will know it in your life and time. Friendship is not something that you find one day or another, in friendship you have to have love and love is combustible on this planet, you have to find friends.

Sobre el disco

32 In one word, how was it to work with Arjona
Ricky: Surprise

¿Con Franco de Vita?

Ricky: Confident

¿Con Juanes?

Ricky: Spontaneity

¿Con Alejandro Sanz?

Ricky: Vulnerability.

Sobre la música

11) skywolf: ¿With whom would you like to record a duet, with Paulina, Thalía o Lucero?

Ricky: At this moment with no one. Honestly, I have the opportunity to exchange emotions on this production with great artists, and always I think it is good to collaborate, but in this moment I want to do my music and to do it well. Better in the future………

3)Capitana:My Birthday is the 2nd of May, sing me some of your song ’Raza de mil colores

Ricky: Firstly, many happy returns on your birthday, that you have many more. “Somos leña de un mismo fuego y la voz de un mismo cantar, ay bendito de mis raíces qué orgulloso puedo estar".

18) ElenaR: ¿Do you have songs on your cell phone??

Ricky: Not a song, it is a sound that is like karaoke it begins with a beat….its in the blood, it is inevitable.

23)glamour34: ¿would you dedicate to me a paragraph from your favorite song?

Ricky: :Nadie más que tú ha sembrado paz en mi interior y ha hecho renacer mi fe para ver más allá del sol, nadie más que tú.

24)MONAZ1973: ¿How do you see Shakira, Paulina Rubio; Enrique y Thalía among other Latins that are making a crossover in English?

Ricky: Lets do it we are on the way people! This is a very important mission, I think that the key to the success is to be united and support each other mutually. I think that is basic. This is in our hands to educate the world, I this case the Spanish Speaking people that we are, what we have done, because each of us has our own individual, to bring to the planet which is not all alike, there are different influences in each country, in this case Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Puerto Rico. And we can talk of the 100’s of sound that exist in Latin American, and as always I wish my colleagues all the best.
Iberoamérica, así que les deseo lo mejor siempre a mis colegas.

31)¿Why have you waited so long to return to the music?

Ricky: because I never left, I was for a time in my house constructing a recording studio to create my music and the best thing I could do during this time was to record, 2 albums in this pause. Already I have recorded my English cd. It will come out if God permits, in March of next year.

32)¿What do you recommend for someone just starting out in the music business?

Ricky: To all those that are starting to launch a career as a singer: focus is the first thing, the surround your self with the people you want around you.. When you begin in music many people come at you with their own agendas. I think it is important acquire the sensibility that each of us has to tell ourselves what comes, why they are there and with what intention. And to have a lot of patience I think this is basic. Because each time it is more difficult in the music industry especially to begin…I wish each of you luck and a lot of peace.

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