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Postby rinoa » Wed May 14, 2003 2:32 am

He shares his soul with Ricky Martin

The Spaniard said that his daughter Manuela, a 2 year old, is a better musician than he is.
Only after Ricky Martin called him personally, did Alejandro Sanz accept to write the song “Almas del Silencioâ€￾, that the Boricuan singer includes in his new album and with the reference to their friendship.
The Spanish singer said that Ricky respsected his original arrangements, but that now the theme has more of the essence of the ex-Menudo than of the interpreter of “Cuando Nadie Me Veâ€￾ (When no one sees me- a song of A. Sanz)
“I have known Ricky since Vina del Mar for some years and later invited him to my home. He wanted me to write a song for him, after, his manager called, he asked me on two occasions that I do it, but as I don’t work with managers, I hadn’t answered.
“But for this record he called me and that changed things, because we are in agreement on everything, I like that Ricky has been respectful of all the arrangements, from the piano to the guitars, and I feel that now the song is more Ricky’s than mine, “ he said yesterday at the press conference

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