Jaleo Is A Relief

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Postby rinoa » Wed May 14, 2003 2:38 am

SALVADOR DE BAHIA, Brasil - "Jaleo is a relief; if we look on its literal meaning it might be a party, or a discussion; something that provokes some kind of energy. It's a word used when the energy is turned on". That's the way Ricky Martin described to ESCENARIO what means for him "Jaleo", the song and the video.

"In 'Jaleo' you find nostalgia, detaching, freedom. And there's where I am now, precisely. I was for a year and a half detaching and how to focus in the emotions. In this song there is a gather of all the possible emotions. The music in this song has the European fusion, the most modern technology and the element of the real percussion in this land where we are now", said Ricky, visibly involved in the history.

About the idea of making this video in Bahia, Ricky confess that, at the beginning the plan was to film it in Prague. "Then someone talked about Brazil... Rio de Janeiro or Bahia. And I said Bahia!, without hesitating. This is the birthplace of the fusion of races; the different faces, the folk stuff, the native things; here the architecture is particular, the textures in the walls, in everywhere, is unique", he said.

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