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A lot has been talked about the unexplainable stop you made in your career when you were at the top of the hit parades in the Anglo market; why did you made it?

"After what was called 'living the crazy life' is that I decide to stop for a while. I couldn't keep going without been able to sit down and think about what was happening to me and even though a lot of people told me I was crazy for stopping in the most important moment of my career, I said, I need to stop to put everything in orden, to canalize my ideas and my emotions, and I did it"

What did you made during that time?

"Lots of things, by example, I moved to a new home and I enjoyed it; I also travelled, I think that at least twice or three times a year to India and Nepal. I even travel more to there since I'm part of the Board of Directors of an orphanage over there that has 150 girls".

Would you think to adopt one of these girls?

"The adoption is not possible in India because unfortunately a few years ago a family from this side of the world adopted two girls and made them slaves, so the Hindi goverment said 'No more adoptions'. Then, the only thing we can do is to rescue them from the streets and take them to this home and teach them new options and change the destiny of what would happened to this girls".

When you go to Tibet, in what do you think?

"When I think about Tibet, I think about tranquility, I think in silence, because I'm in Katmandu two or three days and while I get along with the time zone and the altitude I go out to walk, I go to climb mountains".

What do you do there?

"It's a simple life. We said here we stay and camp, we set up the trents of camping, we do a bonfire to fight against the cold and next day we keep up, it's wonderful"

In total, how many trips you've done to the same region?

"To Nepal three, to the India like nine. I also plan to return in June or July since I have an appointment with its holiness Dalai Lama. I'll also spend some time in his home since he's helping me in this project that I'm doing of People for Children".

What role plays the buddhism in your life?

"I've learned a lot from Buddha's teachings, which are wiseful, but let's not complicate too much because there are lots of philosophies from what I've learned too. I'm not going to tell you that I'm a buddhist, because then I have to stick to that and I can't get anything else. There's a lot of philosophy of life that I've learned, but at the end all of them take you to reaching that supreme being that we call God".

Don't you miss having a normal life, going out to the cinema like everyone does without people being surrounding you?

"What is normal? I don't miss what I don't know. Remember that I begun in this at 12 years old [with the teen band Menudo]. But apart from that, when I go out in Miami or even when I go to Chile, I manage to escape and go shopping and I go the cinema becuase I know how to do it and I do it well. My mom always said that you could make everything on life if you do it right and because of that, when I want, I can really go everywhere, and have a life that for me is normal".

Does fame makes you feel lonely?

"No. Why should I feel lonely? I have with me the people that I want to be with me, I have a good time, I have no regrets..."

Have you recovered yourself from the breakup with Rebeca de Alba?

"Pain about Rebeca de Alba?; I've never had pain; with Rebeca, never. We're in a constant contact, she's an ideal woman, a wonderful woman".

Have you think about marrying?

"You always think of marrying, having children and a family. I think that I have a lot to give and I have to let a lot of knowledge to the creature that I bring up with a woman to the world. About this, I can tell you that I don't know when, but I do know how..."

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