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Postby rinoa » Wed Sep 10, 2003 4:57 pm

The Italian fans were so lucky to see the video. Read the description of one of them. Thanks Bibi.

Finally this morning I’ve seen the video of Juramento (unfortunately the spanglish version…I prefer the Spanish original one)
Yesterday I haven’t seen it because I’ve been watching only MTV and guess what?
They have plaid it only on the other Italian music channel ALL MUSIC…(only today I was able to see it on MTV..I think and hope that they have decided not to grant the video in exclusive to MTV for giving it the maximum diffusion)
When I discovered it, before going to bed I let the video recorder go and this morning I found the surprise!
What to say about it?
We can compare it in a certain way to the video of She bangs for the sensuality and the hot moments…of course the location here is completely different (only the desert and that sky, mountains on the back and all those Rickys walking around..) and the “sepiaâ€￾ tone of the images pervades all of a different atmosphere…(very hot, steamy hot LOL LOL)
The video starts with the Jenna walking (you can see only her legs and her high heels) then immediately a close up of Ricky while starting to sing, than again her who walks towards him and they meet (many Rickys in the back)…here starts all their “sensualâ€￾ games…he caresses her face and sings so close to her lips that they almost touch…and he touches her a lot in the right places LOL, almost embrace her and she is making a sort of sexy dance…suddenly a second Ricky arrives looking straight to her and she finds herself “happilyâ€￾ (LOL) divided between two Rickys who “playâ€￾ with her, caressing her body sensually …one caresses her from the back (legs, back and bonbon…LOL) and the other one her face , arms and leg…but she doesn’t lose time though LOL, she caresses both of them on their waists and legs dancing between the two of them…
Then she dances with one Ricky at time while the other is watching walking around…the first one takes her away from the other and they dance a sort of tango move, then she parts from the first Ricky and turns to the other grabbing him by his shirt, making him narrow to her…
Than he kneels in front of her and she lifts her leg posing it on his shoulder and he takes the Jenna in his arms lifting her from the ground, putting her with her head down towards the floor and then again on her feet…
At this point the Rickys become 4 (yes! I said 4 LOL), dancing all around her in such a hot and sexy way difficult to explain and she divides herself between the four of them( what a sacrifice LOL)…
At this point starts the Arabic chant and she is dancing with only one Ricky while many others are walking around and in the background…She has a sort of big scarf rolled around her sides and he takes it away from Jenna making her twirl …They “play “ with this scarf , dancing in such a hot and sensual (or I should say erotic ? LOL) way …I let all to your imagination LOL..
He embraces her again very tight, continuously singing again so close to her lips that they seem to touch (or are they really touching? LOL)..
Then it’s only Ricky walking towards the camera who kneels on one legs, opens his arms wide and sings the last part of the song (other Rickys walking in the background).
During this part he also puts his hands together while closing his eyes bowing slightly his head, making the typical gesture of thanking that he makes at the end of a performance…
Then again the two of them together, embraced, very tight embraced LOL, and he touches her face an her body with sensual caresses…and then Ricky alone surrounded by lots of other Rickys dancing and at the end suddenly the image of the two of them sharing the kiss! And what a kiss my friends!
I hope to have been able to describe the video clearly enough…never seen a video more difficult to explain..LOL
The only way to appreciate the video it’s to see it more then one time (but I’m sure that this won’t be a problem when you all will be given the chance to see it LOL)…the first time you really don’t know where to focus your attention…all those Ricky together, Jenna who interacts so wonderfully with him and dances in a great and sexy way, the sensuality, the rapid changing of images, that surreal location (they gave to the deserts a white colouration and it seems to be ice)…

Hoooooooot video. I can't wait to see it. :P :P :P

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Postby Mrs. Ricky Martin » Thu Sep 11, 2003 3:45 pm

Now I truly understand how Bibi feels....This is one heck of a video. So SEXYY! :wub:

Muchas gracias. :thumbup:

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Postby Juramento » Thu Sep 11, 2003 4:44 pm

What a description. Love it. :D

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