Ricky Martin Shines In Miami

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Postby rinoa » Mon Oct 13, 2003 11:56 am

MIAMI — A 'dream team' of pop music performed on the stage of the American Airlines Arena in Miami this past Friday, Including Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, althought the night belonged without a doubt to the star Boricua, Ricky Martin.

Martin sang hits in Engish and Spanish, and shook his bonbon with a lot of intensity, causing a frenzy among the 12 thousand person who attended the concert called "Love of Music". The radiostation local Amor 107.5 organized the event to benefit The American Cancer Society. The artists participated without payment..

Martin made them leave their seats during his extensive 'set' form the first song, an euphoric version of his recent hit JALEO. Seen in a black shirt without sleeves and gray pants, Martin danced the song with his suggestive movements of the hips while all those congregated screamed and got to their feet.

Later after turning down the volume with a rock balad TALVEZ, Martin, with an ample smile, echoed the scene of the multitude congregated in the modern coliseum and said "This is just what the doctor ordered". Thanking everyone there he promised to leave his heart and soul on the stage. "Its very simple: this is the best of my music," he said.

And he completed his promise. His participation was the best of all, almost a mini-concert (he had 2 brief changes of clothing, and later, a white shirt with long sleeves). The emphasis was on the dancable songs, such as "Besos de fuego", "La Bomba", "María", "Raza de mil colores" y "Livin la vida loca", but also sang some ballads such as "She's All", "Vuelve", "Asignatura pendiente" y "Fuego contra fuego".

Suported by a band that included brass, electric guitar, drums, latin percussion, Martin was full of energy and happiness to be on the stage, and the public returned by singing and dancing on their feet through almost every song.

Martin was preceded by Olga Tanon, who although she is pregnant and had a fever, made everyone dance and enjoy her hit songs like "Así es la vida", "Cuando tú no estás", "Es mentiroso y "Cómo olvidar", and a medlely in honor of Celia Cruz which included El Yerberito", "Quimbara" y "La negra tiene tumbao".

Its proof of the fire and talent of Tanon that, even though pregnant and sick, she sang and danced better than the majority of her colleages. "What I am singing is from the soul because I have a terrible fever", said Tanon, who dressed in a blouse, shawl, and black pants, and seemed notable congested when speaking. With a band similar to Martin's acompanying her, and the rapper Mikey Perfecto they united to sing "Cuando tú no estás" y "La negra tiene tumbao".

Maybe the most intense and intimate moment was the participation of the Columbian Soraya, who interpreted her songs "Only for You' and Almost", acompanied by a guitarist. The colisesum was full of her beautiful voice and she told the audience that she was an example of life and that Cancer could be overcome, and she thanked the members of the American Cancer Society for their support and assitance during her battle with cancer.

The intensity came again with the participation of Spaniard
Alejandro Sanz, who didn't have quite as much enthusiasm as the previous performers. With a look dressed like Salvation Army, Sanz opened with his hit Corazon Partio, and sang also from his new albume LABANA and NO ES LO MISMO. He seemed to be in a hurry to leave the stage that he left his award on the stage. (All the artists were given a commemorative of the evening)_

Next returned the vibratations when Juanes the Columbian took the stage with his energetic band and had everyone on their feet dancing with his hard rock, and mixing Laitin Americans songs like "Fíjate bien", "Mala gente", "Fotografía", "La noche", "Es por ti" y "A Dis le pido".

Thn night unfolded most tall was the virtuoisity of Jose Feliciano, who played his acoustic guitar in songs with his most recent hits "Lo que yo tuve contigo" and his new hit bolero as well as old hits like"Light my fire" del 1968.

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Postby MrsEJMM » Sun Oct 26, 2003 12:03 pm

This concert sounds wonderful....How I wish I went to see it.
Thanks, Rinoa!

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Postby Mrs. Ricky Martin » Fri Oct 31, 2003 6:40 pm

Ricky ALWAYS shines!! :P :D I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see him LIVE again!!

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