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I just found it one of Ricky's board. It's a bit long but worth to read it. It was in June 2003. Thanks to Mery for the translation. :D

H: Hebe / R: Ricky Martin

H: There are 19 years of musical career that this "little boy" gives to us. To sing and talk about a new moment in his superstar’s life, please welcome: Ricky Martin!

The audience gets crazy and screams a lot and Ricky comes in and sings Jaleo. After this song, the interview starts:

H : Oh my God! Beautiful! Folks, it's because of this wherever he goes, the madness is like this!!!
R: Thank you, Hebe!
H: Crazy thing! Wonderful! You know that whole Brazil loves you!
R: Thank you.
H: It's amazing!
R: Hebe, you're pretty beautiful.
H: Aw, really?
R: You're wonderful!
H: Aw, it's your eyes! You're such a handsome man that thinks everybody is beautiful!
R: Thank you so much!
H: Your beauty is infinite. Do you want to take a sit a little bit?
R: Do you want that I take a sit with you?
H: Aw, please!
R: Of course I do!
H: Come to enrich my couch! Let's to sit here you and me. Let's to do something? Hum.... let me see.... Do you have time to spend with your mother because of your life and concerts or it's hard to see her?
R: You know, Hebe, it's very crazy! Right now she's not with me. Generally she travels with me cause I need her, but in this moment she's in Puerto Rico.
H: Puerto Rico?
R: Puerto Rico, yes.
H: I'm asking this to you, because I want to do something: Let's chat from a son to a mother, like if you were my son.... aw, Jesus, if only!!!!!!!
R: (he laughs a lot)
H: I have a son that calls Marcelo, but I'd love have done you!
R: Hi, my brother!!!!! Where are you Marcelo????
H: He's there!
R: Aw, hi !!!!
H: So, I will ask some questions to you that a mother would do to a son!
R: Ok. I'm afraid (he trembles his lags)
H: Don't be afraid. A mother never puts her son in an embarrassing situation.
R: You're right.
H: A few time ago, you, kindly, sent a message to our TV program.
R: It's true.
H: You were in Bahia (State of Brazil) recording "Jaleo Video", very beautiful, and I was also there, but we couldn't to meet each other.
R: Yes.
H: But I realized in that message that I was seeing another "Ricky Martin".
R: Do you think?
H: Yes, more mature, more worried, not about your career.
R: I see.
H: ... because that your concert that I watched in Miami was a crazy thing that I won't forget in my life.
R: Thank you so much.
H: ... because of your performance, the concert's structure, the audience. There, it was the Ricky Martin superstar.
R: The entertainer.
H: It was great, but I felt that something changed inside you.
R: Yes. It can be.
H: What did change?
R: It can be, Hebe. I think right now I'm someone that doesn't hit himself anymore. Now, I know I'm a man who can make mistakes. In the past, I was a kind of person who had inside a feeling maybe a little bit obsessive. Everything had to be perfect, all the things! And.... after a time I stayed in my home, out of cameras, out of stage, I had a need to get pleasure by the simple things in the life, and... I think the time of reflection was wonderful to me, because I could to grow up, I got a special straight.
You know, I started when I was 12 years old, and.... almost 20 years later, I can tell I met a calm. There's always a time.
H: Did you stay for 2 years without making concerts, without traveling?
R: So so, yes...
H: Did you feel this need?
R: I really needed.
H: Was disturbing you that success, that women crazy for you, like we are here tonight, all the women here.
R: (laughs) No, Hebe. That was another time. You know, like I said, I worked very very years hardly, with a lot of adrenaline, a lot of euphoria, and I think it was a very human decision that I needed to take. I needed to back home, spend time with my family, with my brothers, with my dog (lol), you know? I wanted to feel free; I needed freedom a little bit.
H: And, was this freedom that you met that took you again back to your father, cause I know it's something that moves you so much. I feel you sigh all the time you talk about it.
Can I ask you this?
R: Of course, yes.
H: What did move you away from your family for a long time?
R: I stayed a long time without talking to my father for 10 years.
H: 10 years?
R: Yes. 10 years, but because of life, and nowadays my father is my brother and it has been a good time talking to him.
H: What's his name?
R: Enrique Martin.
H: Enrique Martin? Aw, we have an actor here who calls Enrique Martin!
R: Really? Probably is also my cousin. My brother there, everybody who is here. (lol)
But, you know, my life is calmer now, I'm happier, but Hebe, you can't be all time happy or all the time sad, you must have ups and downs, you must be man, must be human.
H: Life is not a party all the time.
R: Yes, it's not. Only in the drugs you're in a party all the time, and what I want today is to do music from the heart, to do poems with sounds, and I think this is my priority.
Thanks God, this CD "Almas del Silencio" I'm taking it to a lot of countries of the world.
H: You said this CD tells about everything you are.
R: Yes, you're right. I worked with great songwriters of the Ibero-American's music. I worked with people who know me well, but also with people who know what's the stage, who know what's is the applause, what's the fame. So, when I talked to them about I wanted to talk in my song, they understood very well and I didn't feel damaged. I think it's a normal growth.
H: Yes, you got matured.
R: Yes. But now I need the stageH: So, if immature you were already good, wonder mature?
R: (Ricky laughs and his face becomes red. lol. So sweet)
H: Oh God, come here Ricky, we prepared a little surprise for you. We have roulette here that talks about "Love - Family - Religion - Fame" and some of Brazilian celebrities asked some question to you and you have to turn this roulette ok?
R: Ok. Let's see what will happen.H: What do you prefer?
R: Hum... let's talk about everything; there's no problem.
(The roulette stops in Fame)
H: Aw, so interesting.
R: Who is stopping it behind it? (He laughs a lot and so do the audience)
H: Aw, is it liar roulette? Let's see what's the question.

Question: Ricky, you that is a superstar very known in all over the world, what would you do if suddenly you became anonymous?
R: You know, I stayed for 2 years out of cameras like I said, and I traveled to the India and did a wonderful work there with homeless children in Calcutta.I'd work with philanthropy, I guess.
H: Where Madre Teresa lived.
R: Yes, it's true. I worked with an orphanage foundation that rescues homeless children and it was wonderful. Now, The "Ricky Martin's Foundation" is working in a project...
H: In Miami?
R: No, it's in Porto Rico, but it's a mundial project.
H: We're gonna talk about this later, cause is beautiful in your life this foundation and I want to talk about this later. Let's turn the roulette again!

Question: Ricky, what's your relation with Dalai Lama?
R: Aw...., you know that traveling, I had an opportunity to know a lot of life's philosophies, mainly in Asia, and I knew there with Dalai Lama's philosophy a so special peace. I don't know Dalai Lama yet; it's a karma thing that doesn't happen with everybody.
But I want to open my vision, my mind and get peace, it does not matter how. I'm here to grow up, and for this I need a kind of silence inside my body and my mind.
H: I think when you finished your concerts, you were back home.... I saw this...R Ricky imitates a robot and makes a sound like electricity. lol) Yes, Hebe, an electricity!
H: Yes, you were "electric". Until you gets calm it took a long time, no?
R: Oh yes, it's true but you know something, I think this is not only for us who are in the stage, I think that all the people have to search a kind of peace with any kind of spirituality. When you watch the TV or read a newspaper, you see unbelievable things.
So, you mustn't keep seeing outside all the time or else you'll get crazy, you have to see inside yourself to grow up and to get a little bit straight.
H: Do you pray?
R: I meditate a lot. The meditation for me is more important.
H: It's a kind of pray.
R: Yes. The Yoga for me was a kind of freedom, I guess. I knew about all the things in my life. I traveled, grew up as a catholic, studied a little bit of Judaism, Hinduism and now Buddhism; in my house I have the "Alco ran Book" too. I have to learn about all the messengers.
H: Do you believe in Spiritualism?
R: Hum.... everything you translate peace I do. Everything's valid.
H: Yes, you needed this... we can feel this, because your life must not be easy. You can't go to a restaurant without being known, you can't go to the cinema, have to live a little bit closed. If the people figure out the hotel where you're, a lot of people stay there just for you. I know it's very gratefully, but it can happen a kind of stress that we can understand.
R: You know what my mom said to me?
H: What?
R: You can do everything in your life, but you have to do right. If you want to go to the movies... ok, you can go, but don't go on Saturday, go on Monday!!!! (lol)
H: Aw.... so sweet...
R: (He laughs).
H: Yes, mother never makes mistakes with a son.
R: Yes, you're right.
H: Ok. Let's turn the roulette again! I'd want to talk about love...(lol)

(Now, in this part, something very funny happens. Ricky turns the roulette, but he stops it by himself in the word LOVE and says: Aw.... that's right!!! It's love! Everybody laughs a lot)

H: How a man so handsome like you, with this mind that you have now.... I won't tell about the body (lol)...what do you think about love? How's love in your life?
R: Hebe, I haven't love, haven't anybody (he lies. lol).
(The audience laughs a lot and he says: Did I tell something wrong?)
Love is important, isn't it Hebe?
H: Aw Ricky, you're so lovely. Talk about love to us.
R:I can't to talk about love... what am I going to talk? .... Everybody knows love in a different way, I guess. I can to talk about my version of love; cause each one who is here is a different planet and each one who is here has a distinct opinion.
H: And what is yours?
R: Hum... to me love is loyalty, confidence, to me love is a totally surrender, silence... secret too, why not?
H: Do you have one to tell me?
(Everybody laughs and so does he.) After this, he whispers something in her ear.
H: Aw... really???? I don't deserve it!
(Once again everybody laughs and he says: The really man doesn't have memory!)
H: Awww.... wonderful! Now, let's see the question about love.
Question: Ricky, what was the most stranger place that you had already made love?
(The audience screams a lot)
R: Oh God, Is there a glass of water there? (He shows himself so shy)
H: Yes, but please, in a crystal glass!
R: Oh no, it doesn't matter. Hum..... Why this question????
H: Do you get to remember?? Cause I think it must have had so many So many women?
R: Hum..... (He thinks a lot)
H: At the beach?
R: Aww... beach no. Don’t forget I came from an island (Lol) Beach is so normal (Lol)!
(In this moment he gets a glass of water and says: aw, thank you so much. I was kidding about the water)
H: No, water is good. Our mouth becomes dry when we talk about something like this...(lol)
R: What do you want to listen to?H: Inside a car?
R: It's a little bit uncomfortable, isn't it?
H: But it works! (LOL)
R: Yes, it works!!!!!!!! (He laughs a lot) ...... I think it was in an airplane in a 34.000-foot high.
H: Owwwww, but in a private airplane...
R: Hum. .... Also. (LOL)
H: Aw, that's great! Let's to applause this lovely creature! Very good! Now, you can drink the water.
R: Can I turn it again?
H: For sure, please.
R: Now, let's talk about family, shall we?
Question: Ricky, what is the relation between you and your family?
R: My family is wonderful, I know my family is not perfect cause I think there's no perfect family.
H: You're right.
R: But, what do I think about this? Hum.... My mom is beautiful; my father is the best man of the world, my brothers work with me.
H: How many brothers do you have?
R: I have 2 brothers older than me and 3 ones younger.
H: All of them handsome like you?
R: (Ricky becomes shy and smiles) Hum.... I don't know...hum... hum.. They are my brothers and.... yes, they are "guapos", yes.
H: So, talking about family...don't you feel like having your own family?
R : Of course yes.
H: A wife kids...if you get married, how many kids would you like to have?
R: Many children, Hebe. I come from a very big family, I have 11 uncles, 34 cousins... it's not a joke, folks! (LOL)In my house's family nobody watched TV (LOL). My grandpa was terrible!
H: Really?
R: He was terrible!
H: How many kids he had out of the family?
R: I think 3 kids!!!!
H: Are you serious?
R: Yeah, I'm serious! One day, a man will tell me: Hi, man! I'm your uncle!!! (LOL)
H: Really?
R: This is what I will tell him: "Really?" (LOL)
(In this part there's a break and he returns singing "Tal vez")
H: Oh my God!
R: Thank you very much!
H: Look; if something happens with me, you'll be the guilty!
R: Why?
H: Because this song is very beautiful!
R: Do you think?
H: And you said that is about what you are.
R: Yes, it is.
H: But the word "Tal vez" in Spanish is different from Brazilian, cause here is "Talvez".
R: Yes, it's Tal vez like Probably: Probably, I forgot I loved you!
H: Awwwww.... And my heart disparated......
R: He smiles and gives to her a hug.
H: But we have an ambulance and I will go to the hospital ok?
R: Ok. I'm a frustrated doctor (LOL).
H: Can you hear my heart?
R: Yes, I can.
H: So, listen to it.
R: He stays next to her heart and try to listen to it. So funny. And he says: hello! Hello!!!! It works very well.
H: Now it disparated much more... (LOL)
Now, let's talk about a great thing. This creature here is not only handsome outside; inside he is much more handsome, cause he created now a foundation who calls "People for the Children". Tell us what it is, cause is a beautiful thing you've done.
R: It's a project that will try to eliminate the children's pornography in all over the world.
H: That's wonderful! Lately, it has been a very serious problem, hasn't it?
R: Yes, with the researches I've done, I learned that is the biggest problem that will reach the world in the next 10 years. It will be bigger than war against the drugs!
And we're talking about children. Not only the children's pornography, but also the children's prostitution, the children's trade. It's a very strong work that I'm beginning now, God willing I will become a winner!H: For sure, God will help you and be at your side!
R: Thank you very much!
H: So, Did you launch this project in Miami or in Porto Rico?
R: I began in Porto Rico, cause the offices are in Porto Rico and Miami, but we're working with leaders of all the Latin America, Europe and Asia too. We're working with leaders of each country.H :Is it true that you will make concerts and all the money will be to this project?
R: Totally, yes.
H: Awww, folks, look at this.... (The audience applauds him) It's amazing!!!! It's not by chance that some artists come not only to become famous. We know that he was born to be on the stage, he enters and dominates; but look at his heart, folks! Ricky, the more we know you, the more we love you and admire you!!!!!
R: Aww... don't say this, Hebe! I will get out of here floating (He open his arms and seems to fly. so funny.) I will back always to here, cause it's good to me.
H: Come here always you want, cause we will be here always honest. But now, I'd like to know the truth, what's more important to you now: The Superstar Ricky Martin or The Man Enrique?
R: Humm.. Hebe, I won't wear a mask to enter on the stage; I am exactly what you see. That’s me. I think that the audience needs is honesty, sincerity and I'm someone who has the same thoughts, the same anxiety here or if I was in my home making a barbecue; I think it must be like this.
H: Do you like barbecue?
R: Of course, I love it.
H: What do you do to keep your body like this?
R: (he laughs and becomes shy) No, I eat meat and vegetables, it must have balance.(In this part, a guest who was there, said: I'm thinking about the question you (Hebe) did about difference between Ricky and Enrique. He's the same person. One is the singer who sings and also has this social function that I think it's fantastic. Congrats!!!)
R: Aw, thank you; but just one thing: the adrenaline that I get on the stage I won't get in my kitchen, of course (LOL); but in generally, this is me.
(Now, another guest says an interesting thing: Look, Hebe. I will tell you something that happened on backstage, nobody was seeing and he didn't need to do this, but we were preparing to enter here and Ricky came over to us and greet everybody behind the stage, and I thought this very nice of your part, Ricky; your simplicity.
H: He didn't seemed as a God.
The guest: Yes, because there, he didn't need to pretend anything, he just arrived and came to talk to us. Congrats!!!!
R: Aw.... it's a pleasure.
H: The success didn't go to your head, no?
R: Hebe, I think it's important to change ideas with people.
H: But there are many people that don't have the support for success.
R: You're here in this planet to.... you know that the symbol of "people" in Chinese is 2 sticks that hold each other (he does this showing with his own fingers) one without another is nothing, so, we are here to learn with everybody, no?
H: That’s crazy!!! Amazing!
Just because of that I will ask to you to sing another one, can be?
R: Ok, here we go!
(He sings "Juramento")
H: You're a passion! Beautiful!
Ricky, we didn't present your musicians!
R: Oh, yes. Please, applause to these guys!
H: This Cd is already in stores and do you know when will be your first concert of your new tour here?
R: I'd like to back on summer with concert here. God willing, next January I will launch an English cd, completely different from "Almas del silencio" and the same time I will start my tour.
H: Aw, just one more thing: Whatever that be possible we help you in your foundation, count on us, we will be a great pleasure to try to help you.
(Ricky gives to Hebe a big hug. so sweet... it takes a long time. LOL)
R: You know, Hebe, it's a little bit sad, cause it's a very painful cause that all the time I talk about this, a lot of people change the theme and say no, cause they don't want to listen to a reality and when I see people so important like you saying: "I'm here and count on me", my heart disparates.
H: Aw, I think this is an obligation to us.
R: Not only me, but also my artist friends!
H: I do with a lot of love.
R: Thank you. Kisses and hu............(Hebe interrupts him and say
H: No, no, no. There's a price for this.
(All the audience laughs a lot cause they know what she will do.LOL)
H: I'm used to give a "little stamp" in all of my guests. (Little stamp in Brazil is when someone gives a very fast kiss in someone's mouth)
R: Little stamp???? What is it?
H:It's something like this......... SMACKKKKKKKKKKKK
(Folks, I don't need to say that the audience almost dies when they saw this. I almost die seeing at home. LOL. It's a pity I don't have this pic, but I will try to get it for you ok?)
In the end, she gives to him a hug and says: Go with God!!!! We love you!!!!
R:Thank so much, Brazil. See you soon!!!Bye bye

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