The Children Need Our Voices

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Postby rinoa » Thu Mar 11, 2004 7:18 am

Por: Yolanda Rosaly
Subdirectora ESCENARIO

For the past two years, he has studied the horrible consequences of the commerical exploitation of children. Today, hundreds of thousands of children around the world are exploited both sexually and for labor. The perpertrators of these crimes work to undermine children, offering them promies of work, education, and marriage, student grants and work opportunities for modeling or dancing..

"When I was 12 years old, I began in the music business with Menudo.
I worked as a child because it was my decision and I was treated very well.
Lamentably many children, even at 4 years old, are forced to work.

I have created People for Children to create a conscience for this problem and raise a voice.
My wish is that together we can save these lives. They need your help.
It is time to do something for these children.

The children need our voices.

Ricky Martin"

This is part of what you can read of the message from the Boricua star which is being sent to the world at the
internet site created to inform the public about this terible problem of child abuse. People for Children is a part of the Ricky Martin Foundation. You can access teh website at

In april of 2003, ESCENARIO published an interview made by Ricky Martin in which the singer for the first
time talked of this topic. Then, the singer was emphatic about his wish to give priorities to this mission. And now he has done it.

After 2 years of working intensely, so much that Ricky like Mirel Bravo, a young prican that worked on the tour
production of LLVL of the singer, launched the site this past Friday night.

"This is our first step: to create a guide of information worldwide about this subject of exploitatin of children. This implies every act of commcer that is done to them. The second stage is to produce commercial spots for TV that will be transmited worldwide. This is going to have a big impact", explained Mirel to Escenario.

"Part of our campaign is to raise 25 Million suporters that, so that when we go to the authorities in places, they wil know of the large general interest that this topic is generating. ALso we are asking that they send letters, to the White House. In September of last year, President Bush set aside $50 million dollars to work against the trafficing of children. We want to be sure the the work is done", said Bravo.

About the website

If you visit the website, with out a doubt, it will cause a great emotional impact. So much as the music and the visuals of children working in the streets and the information that is offered here, provideing sources such as the State Dept. of the US, ECPAT Intl. and Protection Project, which explains in a very simple format the magnitude of this problem.

Ricky is the president of the foundation, while his mother, Nereida Morales, is the Vice President. According to
what we know, she is working hand in hand with her son and Mirel on this project.

The 'site' also has newspaper articles of various cases of abuse and tells of places where you can send messages to the artist as it relates to this Foundation.

It will be a very long and hard fight. We all are with you, Ricky. You can count on us. God bless you for those many effort you've done to save these poor children. :angel: :hug: :crossfingers: :wub:

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I'm here too if you need me Ricky.

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