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Posted by Vero on RMWFC - translated by ekelly.......

Very nice article on Ricky's career

Ricky Martin

To say Ricky Martin is synonymous with dreams, dedication, strength and triumphs. His spectacular and brilliant career has reached new heights in the music industry.

This young Puerto Rican artist who, at the age of 12 years, was part of the boy band of great international success, began to feel the rigors of discipline and the stage. Later from this experience he moved to NY where he began to prepare for what has been one of the most exemplary successes of the entertainment business.

Ricky Martin, began at the first of the 90’s in Mexico to make one of his great passions his reality. “The Musicâ€￾. He participated in a television series “ Alcanzar una Estrella’, which catapulted him to success in Latin America. His first album titled ‘Ricky Martinâ€￾ reached the first places in various places with the songs: : Fuego contra Fuego y El Amor de mi Vida, continuing record sales which surpassed half a million units. He was at the start of a musical phenomenon.

Later he recorded his second album “Me Amarasâ€￾ written and produced by the teacher Juan Carlos Calderón. This musical work made him one of the best in Hispanic America. He realized his first tour of more that 100 presentations all over the continent, to great acceptance. The communications media of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina and all America started to watch and talk about the magic of Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martin exceeded all expectations. In his searches he was asked to do a contract with the famous TV series “General Hospitalâ€￾ for channel abc of North America.. For this step he moved to Los Angeles and so started the internationalization of Ricky Martin in markets that weren’t Spanish speaking. .

At the end of the year 1994, the role characterized by Ricky Martin converted into one of the favorites of the television audience. For the year 1995, two things happened that marked the history of this artist: he was contracted to participate in the prestigious play on Broadway of Les Miserable stayed in his new home of New York, where with his old friend from the band Robi Draco Rosa who produced together with KC Port the album “A Medio Vivirâ€￾. The album “A Medio Vivirâ€￾ surpassed all the barriers of music by reaching with the song MARIA a worldwide success, superceding sales of 3 million. With this musical work began a tour of 2 years that brought him to over 300 cities in 50 countries. Ricky Martin had change the history of music.

In the year 1998 he launched his new album “VUELVEâ€￾ produced by Robi Rosa and KC Porter. This project ratified the position of Ricky Martin worldwide. The song LA COPA DE LA VIDA was made the hymn of the 1998 World Cup in France and presented his inauguration of the games to more than two billion persons.

First place in China, Australia, Mexico, Germany, among others. The planet was testament to the success of the incomparable Ricky Martin. “Vuelveâ€￾ broke records for the most sales for a Spanish album with over 8 Million copies sold. Ricky Martin was already an acclaimed figure worldwide. Hundreds of awards, recognition, more than 100 Platinum and Gold albums and thousands of spectators in his patented tours showed just how big Ricky Martin was.

At the end of “A Medio Vivirâ€￾, Ricky Martin solidified his sound by utilizing fusion of rhythms from Tropical and Caribbean flavor which gave authenticity and a new dimension. Each minute of the day a song of Ricky Martin could be heard in some part of the world. Aside from the music movement Ricky Martin had a calling to bring recognition to his country, his roots and Latin America. The mission was completed and his support of Latin Music has left footprints that are an incalculable worth. At the end of 1998 Ricky Martin established himself in Miami to record his first English record with the collaboration of Robi Draco Rosa and Desmond Child.

In 1998 because of his worldwide popularity, his contribution and his growth in the Music industry in Spanish, he was invited to perform at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards. It was the first time that an artist performed in Spanish a number on the program. And this was before he had launched his English album. Definitely the 1999 Grammy Awards changed the trajectory and history of Ricky Martin and music. His majestic presentation of LA COPA DE LA VIDA created one of the most memorable moments in both Grammy and the entertainment industry history. The public was on their feet and the United States and all the continents were before the presence of the #1 artist in the world.

Pavarotti, Sting, Madonna, Carlos Santana, Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel, Plácido Domingo, Elton John, Paul Mc Cartney among others shared the stage with him in various activities. He was received by the the President of the US, Bill Clinton when he supported the cause of Vieques and Puerto Rico. Then President George Bush invited him to part of the inauguration festivities.

Many have benefited form the causes that Ricky Martin has been present for: Rainforest Foundation, Carousel of Hope, American Heart Association, among others. Also he has worked for various causes for children in his own country Puerto Rico. He has always been very close to these events. Recently he made a donation of more than $1 Million dollars in music instruments to the Public Department of Instruction in Puerto Rico. He has supported to open a Center of Rehabilitation for Impaired Children in Puerto Rico. One of his great projects of his foundation will be combating child abuse.

In May 1999 his first album in English arrived called “Ricky Martinâ€￾. This historic album revolutionized the music industry. IN the first week it established itself #1 in record sales on the Billboard Magazine (English and Spanish) so much was it played on the radio, that Livin La Vida Loca sales that it converted to the most successful hit in the world.

Grammy, CBS Special ( One Night Only), MTV Awards, Brits Awards, American Music Awards y MTV Asia Awards premiered his hit . Las famed magazines of Time, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, People, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly and the most important covers of the world press showed the presence and success of Ricky Martin. The Livin’ la Vida Loca Tour booked the most important arenas and reached sales of more than 2 Million persons who saw the Special which showed a whole new style and international presentation. Personalities like : Madonna, Janet Jackson, Bette Miller, Barbara Walters, Larry King, Steve Perry, among others enjoyed his performances. Ricky Martin had raised the bar for the Latin race, for his flag and his language. It was the impetus of a new era. The album Ricky Martin in English sold over 18 million units.

At the end of 2000, Ricky Martin recorded his second album in English “Sound Loadedâ€￾ reaching success with his first song “She Bangsâ€￾. At this moment Ricky Martin surpassed sales of 40 million albums sold, he had converted himself into a music icon at such an early age.

Now, in 2003, Ricky Martin brings a new album and dream. To return with an album in Spanish after 5 years of not recording a complete album in his own language. This work is of a new style, accompanied by a totally new team of production directed by another talented Puerto Rican musician: Tommy Torres. “Almas del Silencioâ€￾ presents a renewed and evolved sound of Ricky Martin. IN this occasion he has his roots in fusion with international rhythms reaching for a new sound. The music is romantic and has stories told by some of the most sought after singers in the world that speak Spanish like: Alejandro Sanz, Ricardo Arjona, Juanes, y Franco De Vita. Also, participated the best musicians, wirters, producers and friends like Estefano, Juan Zambrano, Emilio Estefan, Luis Fernando Ochoa, George Noriega among others.

Ricky Martin has been an example of what it is to dream, to aspire and to obtain your goals. This album in Spanish, “Almas del Silencioâ€￾, comes at a most difficult moment in the Latin music industry. One of the ideas of this project is to contribute to music in Spanish by giving it a new pulse.

Prophet in his land--Recognized by the world.

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Ricky Martin has really proven to be a talented and spiritual artist in many ways my hat is off to him and Rebeca. Best of luck always

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I have to agree. :D

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