Ricky Martin Raises His Voice

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Postby rinoa » Wed May 12, 2004 4:24 pm

Ricky Martin raises his voice against the operation

"They are the children of eternal nights, they have no face and no voice. Stop the sexual abuse! Act now! It's time!" - Ricky Martin

RICKY Martin no longer uses his voice only to sing. Now it exhorts to you to help him in his fight to stop prostitution and the child trafficing through his foundation People for Children, that will begin the 27th of May in Puerto Rico's Museum of Art

As a part of this presentation, last weekend the vocalist filmed the initiative of the advertising campaign that little by little is to awaken the interest of the governments of the United States and Latin America, including Puerto Rico. Indeed he postponed a meeting with governor Sila M. Calderón yesterday to treat this subject.

"My voice can be used to restrain this treatment (human traffic for the operation) of individuals, because much ignorance (about it) exists. This is a thing for a lifetime, this is not a thing that is going away to be solved in five years. This is an organized crime ", points out the artist.

PRIMERA HORA attended an exclusive shooting of this campaign, created by the director Luis Perez.

The scenes were captured inside a structure left in the estates of the old Naval base of Miramar, in San Juan. Here they took advantage of the ugly, neglected, appearance, the small amount of light entering accuentuating the dark life of thousand of boys and girls in the world who are abused sexually. For them, the megastar Puerto Rican asks for a little ray of hope.

He shared his worries about this social enemy with this newspaper from the interior of the motor home that he occupied.

His appearance was surprising with a beard that in few hours disappeared, plus a streamlined figure hidden underneath a t-shirt, broken mahones and loose tennis shoes

"We speak of the drug dealer, who deals a kilo of cocaine, sells and that's it, but a child can be sold and exploited sexually fifteen times in a day and this it is what, we do not want to see", he continues.

"And I am going to do away with it, because a child can be prostituted 20 times in one day. That is the reality for millions of children in only Latin America nowadays ", he emphasizes with authentic rage and concern in his words.

People For Children began to be developed nearly a year ago during a trip by the artist to India. From then he was scandalized with the cases of children who were removed from their countries to turn them into prostitutes and he decided to work for them.

His mission is to educate to the people about the sexual exploitation of children, to see that the laws are fulfilled or, in other cases, to force the passing of laws. For the future he's already engineering a social project to serve the rescued and help them to adopt a new style of life.

In this fight, he is supported by the Inter-American Development Bank, the American Bar Association, the Dalai Lama, as well as the consultant's office of Nilda Morales, executive director of SER of Puerto Rico.

The campaign, paid for to a large extent out of the pocket of the vocalist and recorded clips to be televised in capsules of 30 seconds, will be launched the 27th of May from Puerto Rico and it will be shown in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

In September there will be a congress held on the Island to which will invited leaders and personalities from different fields to discuss this subject.

At the same time he is initiating the rotation of this campaign in Latin American mass media, Ricky Martin will look for the airports and the airlines to unfold announcements that tell of the trafficing and sexual exploitation of children. A similar proposal, he said, already exists in Brazil, but in the hotels.

"If through my music and opportunities I have I can take my way of thinking through the cameras, by the writing of my compositions and if, luckily, with my feet on the ground and much humility I can say that I have been successful and that people listen to me, how am I not going do this?".

peopleforchildren.comPeople for children - Be their voice too! Join now!

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I've already joined. He deserves everyone's support.

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