I Want To Save The Life Of The Children

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Postby rinoa » Thu May 27, 2004 11:58 am

"I want to save the life of the children"
The horror of child trafficking

Parents selling their children. Children sexually abused over and over again showed on Internet. People paying to see it. The horror of the child trafficking is a fact that Ricky Martin faced the day that he rescued from the street 3 girls in India. Now, with the project People for Children from the foundation having his name, he wants to help the thousands of kids that are going through the same things. You asked. He tells you.

Ricky Martin is making the official launch of the project People for Children, that his foundation is taking care of and he wanted that the users of the forums at Univision.com were the first to ask him what is this about. Here you have his answers, obtained in an exclusive interview.

- Would you like to be a winner of a Nobel Prize for Peace, for this project? (rickylover)

Of course! In order to have in your hands a Nobel Prize for Peace, I think that you have to work a lot changing something extremely impacting in the society. But now my biggest worry is, more than having an award in my house, is to save the life of children that are being forced daily to prostitution.

- You say that your interest on rescuing children from the street begun during a trip to India. What did you saw that encouraged you to collaborate on this? (gurugirl)

By having this opportunity of going to India and rescuing 3 girls so they could have a new life, I realized that I rescued 3 girls, but what about the rest that still living in the streets? And then I begun to educate about the children in the streets, the children trafficking. And I realized that this is a big problem attacking us all worldwide, not only the third-world countries but also in our neighborhoods in United States, Canada, Russia, Europe, Australia.

- It's hard that those people that were abused when they were children recognize it on public. Santana shocked the world when he said he went through it a few years ago. Were you a victim of sexual abuse when you were a children? (Moniquita linda)

I never felt abused. Thank God I had a beautiful childhood. I went out of my house when I was 12 year old and worked since I was very young, but I had an option: I decided to go out of my house to work. These children are forced. Parents sell them so they go out to the streets, to the brothels. I worked in the music, which is what I always wanted. I worked in a stage, communicating and receiving the applause of an audience. These kids are receiving slaps from the clients.

- If you were a judge (obviously, you're not), what kind of punishment would you sentence for to a pedophile or a child abuser? (morunadelnorte)

A lifetime on jail.

- In which way People for Children will stop the actions of the people that is doing the child trafficking, if the police is not helping? How are we going to stop their "business"? The new CD has been announced as a very good and very original recording. Do you think the CD will influence in a certain way? (laviidaloca)

My new CD will trail me to different stages and in every stage I step on I will talk about the problem of the child trafficking. Unfortunately, there are corrupt policemen that are making this battle a harder one for us. People for Children's mission, besides educating the whole society, would also be creating laws, adding laws to the Constitutions of each country so we can support ourselves in each Constitution and to punish in a better way this cases. Once the law is written and accepted, then we'll focus in the law being obeyed.

- Is it on your plans to host a various-artist concert to promote People for Children? (borrikua)

In January I'll begin my concert tour, after the release of my new English CD in September. And in one of the concerts I will call two or three colleagues so we can record a song where we can talk about the topic and make a massive statement through music.

- Why are you choosing to have such a difficult goal to achieve in behalf of this cause, when other artist choose problems that are less complicated?

I chose it because this epidemic matter came to my life. I realized that this was happening and I said: "What can we do to build a better future, to leave a positive legacy to our new generation?" I want to have a starring role on this, and not staying here watching it.

- What are your expectations with this project?

To create laws, that we can unite the goverments to this mission, that the great leaders listen me in regards of this subject and that they can realize that the problem is bigger than the drug trafficking and the traffic of arms. Child trafficking is horrible because the children can be recycled 50 times daily.

- What will happen after the official launch of this project?

We'll cover with advertisement all the cities with posters of People for Children. I will make 2 presentations in Puerto Rico: one for the media and another one for investors, big enterprises that will see what my worry is about, to know about it and see if they're interested in donating their services, helping with funds or however they can.

- How can the fans can collaborate to help these children?

The most important is to have a strict knowledge in the education. To get in People for Children and see what's happening in each country so we can simply talk about it. And later we'll step on the theaters, we'll do movements and we'll tell people: this is what is happening and it can happen to you. This is not only happening in the third-world countries and it can even happen in our neighborhood.

Do you have doubts of how bad might be the problem? Ricky chose some "very dark examples from what the FBI and the Human Trafficking Office of the US Department of State found" so you can imagine it:
- Several months ago, a man was arrested in Central America because he paid $10000 to have sex with an 8-month old baby.
- A doctor was giving drugs to the children when they were attending his office, he took pornographic pictures and later he sold them at Internet.
- In USA, 4000 people paid $15000 dollars on the Internet to see how a father was violating his daughter. And the double, 8000 people paid double money to see how the father was killing later his daughter.
"I can't stay quiet with this", Ricky summarizes with sadness but determination. And you, can you stay quiet?

God bless you mi amado! :angel: Hope God will take care of him. :pray:

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Postby Juramento » Thu Dec 09, 2004 2:15 pm

"I can't stay quiet with this"

Me either. These are such horrible things. Children are the future.
We need to protect them.

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