Brazilian Fans Met Ricky

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Postby rinoa » Thu Mar 24, 2005 5:45 pm

This a summary of this girl's (the Brazilian girl, not me) story:

"Subject: Our story with Ricky
5:30> Arrival, We were told that he would be filming commercials up to 6pm, but when they arrived there, staff told them that they were delayed and the filming would be up to (more or less) 8pm. Tulio, one of Ricky's bodyguards, appeared to attend them, saying that he would try to see Joselo to check if we were allowed to go inside the studios, but he didn't allowed us, since they were in a hurry working, but he says that as soon as Ricky finishes he would allowed us to go inside and take a picture with him without delays, since Veikko was telling Tulio to have from 9:30pm-10:30pm for Ricky to be alone, since he was tired.

9pm> Tulio accomplished with his promise and suddenly appeared "our God", and we were 5 girls (Simone, Ale Menozzi, Maria Fernanda, her daughter and me), all of us with our pictures, the pen and the camera. We were only separated by a trailer, when we saw him saying goodbye to his guests and C&A guests and he came to the car. We asked to take a picture, and he was so nice to us. After he took a picture with each one of us and had some words to share, Veikko kept saying "Let's go, let's go". He was seating on the car and said to us "See you tomorrow", so we said "If Ricky asks it, we will do it"

Saturday: This time we were without Ale Menozzi, who was with us last night, but this time I was with my son and we went to the hotel, in the door outside and the hotel security asked to us if we were waiting for someone, we said Yes and he told us to wait in the lobby since it was too hot for the children we were going with. And we were watching the elevator with anxiety since there was also Xuxa in the same hotel. Then Tulio appeared, we greet him and ask when is Ricky coming out and he says 10am heading to the studio and to be patient so we can take another picture. Suddenly, we see Veikko appears after talking many times on the phone and Tulio goes with him, they go to pick Ricky at the 22nd floor. And he was coming then, from the elevator with Joselo and Veikko. He didn't looked like he worked the day before, he was with a cap, black sunglasses, black pants with straps and a white tshirt. We greet Joselo, Veikko and wish a good day to Ricky, to which he responded with a smile and replied, and then he saw my son, Adrian, behind me and said "Who's that beautiful kid?", and I had to take a deep breath to talk without stopping to avoid crying, because for those who don't know my son is special and I always wanted to talk to Ricky about it.

Ricky says "What a boy" and then I said "He can't speak, he's special". Then Ricky stopped and kept looking to my eyes and his were about to cry. I said "I always wanted to tell you that I'm only able to keep on my life, my fight, enjoying you, since you give me the strength to continue, and I try to imitate the reflection I see from you", then he passed his hand in my face saying "So you're even more special" and my friend, Simone, said "Ricky, she cares of him, alone" and he says "Then you are my inspiration" and we tried to take a picture but by that time it wasn't working, so then I told him "All that matters now is this moment" and looking deep to his eyes I said "Ricky don't ever change, never, so you can keep giving me strength" and he hugged me very tight, and Veikko was again saying "Let's go, let's go", he hugged my friend, and as he was seating in his car, he was saying goodbye to us. And when my friend said "You were able to say it all" and I begun to cry. His scent stayed with us and for a moment me and my friend were smelling each other to smell his scent and people was looking at us and then I begun to scream from emotion.

His scent stayed on me the whole day long and in my mind, the most beautiful images that I could've lived with him up to now, he, being there listening to my story, so I will never stop loving him, Ricky, you're so special, the light in my days, and I tell to all of his fans to keep with your dreams, don't stop dreaming. There will always be a person saying "It won't happen, don't do it", so act like you're deaf so you'll be able to realize our dreams."

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Postby good2luv » Sun Aug 21, 2005 1:01 am

What a beautiful moment, from a beautiful man, like Ricky Martin, may that experience you and your son shared with him go down in history..I hope through prayer and your faith that your son would soon speak and tell of this experience in his own words because I know miracles do happen today in this day and time... :)

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