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Por Bibiana Ferraiuoli Suárez
Enviada Especial

JORDAN - With firm step in the universe of the philanthropy, Ricky Martin tomorrow Sunday in the first Latin-American to be invited as the guest of honor for the Arab Children Congress, an event of world significance organized by the Queen Noor of Jordan. The newspaper "El Nuevo Dia', will also be present at this event uniting with the other special speaker Arm Mousa, Secretary General of the Arabian League. The invitation to participate in this event came about shortly after Martin coincided with Queen Noor of Jordan during the Gala of the International Center of Children Mistreated, in Palm Beach, Miami.

During this evening, the end of January- Martin and the Queen Noor were recognized for their humanitarian acts.

Queen Noor of Jordan in 1987 established The Noor Al Hussein Foundation and created the Center for the development of the Scenic Arts promoting the value of art awareness to the youth and children. Promoting the positive effects that theater and dance have in the social and educational development of this population.

The Puerto Rican singer began the Ricky Martin foundation at the ends of the nineties. Including promoting the welfare of childhood in Puerto Rico and supporting various initiatives around the world that have as axis education. The Ricky Martin Foundation denounces the labor exploitation and the trafficking of children (an industry that generates some $10 billion annualy) through the international project People for Children that was launched in Puerto Rico in May of the 2004 with a world campaign.

"The participation of Ricky Martin in the Arab Children Congress represents another step in the genuine effort of Ricky to spread the message of fraternity, union and solidarity between childhood the world over and the government leaders. It is a true honor for all of us at the Foundation to have been called by such a great humanitarian as is Queen Noor from Jordan to an event of so high a social content", said Angel Santos, Executive Director of the Ricky Martin Foundation.

The Arab Children Congress is an initiative by Queen Noor of Jordan started in 1980, after the celebration of the Summit of Arabian Countries, in Amman.

The objective of the Congress is to offer the children, among the ages from 14 to 16 years, a forum to be listened to by the national leaders on its needs, aspirations and anxieties. Since 1981, the Congress has been celebrated uninterruptedly for the last 24 years each month of July.

In the list of special guests of the Queen Noor are the Arabian poet Haidar Mahmood, the Olympic champion Ghada Shoua', the Iraqi singer Kathem Assaher and the actress Angelina Jolie, who as Martin is also a goodwill Ambassador for the UN.

The opening ceremony of the Congress will be tomorrow night in the Palace of Culture. Queen Noor, accompanied by members of the royal family, diplomatic members of their country and officials from the United Nations will welcome Martin.

Later in the night, the guests -mostly delegates of the European, Asian, and Arabian countries- will attend theater where the children and youth of the Dance Theater Troupe for the Center of Scenic Arts that is sponsored by Queen Noor will delight the public with a choreography among others artistic presentations. Lina Attel, director of the Arab Children Congress, will welcome and present the guests of honor.

Martin will be the first one in offering a brief speech speaking on the importance of cultural diversity in the social development of children and youth and on the need to respect other cultures at the same time treasuring ones own.

After Martin, the Secretary General of the Arabian League will speak. Then the Queen Noor will present the guests of honor with a gift, and thank them for their solidarity.

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