Sisqo EXTRA interview transcript

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Postby admin » Tue Feb 20, 2001 12:02 am

>>> Now, the performer what's single helped him get four grammy nominations. As we report, this rising star has a lot of high hopes for the future.

>> Reporter: 'The thong song' may have put him last summer.

>> Chicks love i one look in his private world -- and you know this happening hip hopper who is up for four grammys wednesday --

>> pray to god and hope i win at least one.

>> Reporter: Has on than the thong thing.

>> I recorded my here.

>> Reporter: Sisqo reveals some of his song-writing magic. I make up songs in my head.

Whenever you need me

i will

>> reporter: What he's in his head has him up for grammys in three categories as well as best new artist.

>> That's the one i want.

>> Reporter: What does he think of the eminem elton john mashup?

>> As far as the two musicians, I think it's probable more about the music than grimic.

>> Reporter: The duh wet of his dreams -- to pair up with michael jackson.

>> If i can get mike on the phone -- i already wrote the song. You're hearing it here first.

>> Reporter: Now, this kid is starring in a new movie called 'get over it.' And he has his own sitcom deal at nbc. Then, there'e's his new clothing line, inspired by puff daddy.

>> I'mt following puffy. Puff daddy. I love his clothes. His clothes is the tightest. Regarding the recent breakup of puffy and jennifer, he's as sweet as the junk food he likes to eat.

>> So sad. So sad. Jennifer, my number is --

>> reporter: Whether he's a winner or not wednesday night, the ball is in his court and he's shots.

>> A little something. Terrible.

>> We'll see if he scores at the grammys.

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Postby IMXTC » Thu May 17, 2001 1:03 pm

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