Sisqo on EXTRA 3/6

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Postby admin » Wed Mar 07, 2001 3:18 am

>>> rapper sisqo pushed the envelope with his song 'thong song.' Now, with e lech tra, he's at it again. He's famous for his ode to skimpy swimsuits. She's famous for modeling them. Sisqo and 'scary' carmen electra are together in 'get over it.'

>> I'm the thank guy everybody's expecting me to do someth you don't replace someone's soul mate. Look at the old lady from 'titanic.' She aver that.

>> It's carmen who shows her naughty side, in a strip club where sisqo and school

>> behold my majestic form.

>> It was so much fun to put on the black boots the coreset. I had a whip.

>> Reporter: But the motion

of america,cracked the whip. Carmen appealed to the board.

>> I'm wearing a sexy tfit. But there's nothing sexy about it at all.

>> Reporter: They shortened the scene. The co-star thinks the mpaa thinks they should get over it.

>> I don't know what that's about. The mpa is just like flipping their lid.

>> Reporter: Sisqo himself is flipping about making his movie debut. As for own family in baltimore --

>> they're going to do like this --

>> you know they are. Get over it opens next friday. When we come back, a little extra credit on miss carmen.

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Postby IMXTC » Thu May 17, 2001 1:22 pm

[color=green,red,blue,yellow,pink] Don't mind me i am just trying to see if this was really going to work. I am trying different colors!!!

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