Pharrell And Susan

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Angel Lobato
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Postby Angel Lobato » Fri Dec 26, 2003 4:30 pm

:( girls have you seen the pics from face mag. i was so devasted. that hooch susan is all over my man.

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Postby zozon3 » Sat Dec 27, 2003 9:22 am

ohhh i saw it in the bookstore
its soo pharell
with the bubble of bubblegum on her nipple
and then in the article its like i just want a girl to watch movies with or sumthin like that :lol:

sure pharell sure :nod:

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Postby Bubble_Yum » Sat Dec 27, 2003 12:35 pm

Yeah I saw it a while back and my friend was saying how disappointed she was cos Pharrell is such a player!
Justin said it in his Q magazine interview, 'Pharrell is a lover of ladies and music.'

:rolleyes: Maybe he'll grow out of it!

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Postby patrick_star* » Sat Dec 27, 2003 4:00 pm

oh can you be so kind as to post the pics and the article please, I'm to lazy to go find it ;)

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Postby Sarah » Sun Dec 28, 2003 3:38 pm

i aint seen them pics!
its obvious that Pharrell's a player though! not that i mind!! theres nothing worng with having fun! :ph34r: :unsure: :lol:

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