Afeni Shakur on Access Hollywood 4/5

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>>> tupac lives again. 'Until the end of time,' the third posthumous cd by tupac shakur, debuts at number one, selling a whopping 427,000 copies. Shaggy, whose 'hotshot' has reached platinum status five times over, falls to a distant second, with 176,000 copies sold. And the dave matthews band holds strong at number three with 'everyday' selling 109,000 copies. For additional chart information, you may logon to billboard.Com.

>>> It is clear that when it comes to his music, even in death tupac lives on. His music continues to resonate with his fans. No fan is bigger or prouder than his mother. Tupac's mom, tonight's 'inside story.'

>> It's difficult not to think of him every single day.

Until the end of time

>> reporter: Afeni shakur, mother of rapper tupac shakur, on the bittersweet memories of her late son.

>> I will buy what you want.

>> Reporter: Afeni has given her blessing to this off-broadway play called 'up against the wind.'Ubled life, which ended in gunfire almost five years ago at the age of 25.

>> I was afraid to see it, afraid to participate in this. I'm very proud of what they've done. I am overwhelmed and overjoyed.

>> Reporter: Even in death, tupac remains a phenomenon. Albums released after his death sell in unprecedented numbers, with another double cd due out in november.

>> He never left because he left so much spirit for us to share.

>> The last one was no good for me.

>> Reporter: Ironically, though, in one of tupac's last interviews, he told us that he was tired of rap, and that acting had become his new passion.

>> Rap, it'slitical. I want to be somebody new, not somebody spoke about all the time. So part of the controversy can't appreciate my new work. You know what I mean? Too busrying about the controversy. That's what it is now, controversy. Selling records, not fun. But acting, I can be somebody else.

>> I miss my child. I miss him very, very much.

>> The only crime is fighting.

>> Got gave tupac 25 years. And whether we like those 25 years or not, i think that in that time he was given, he did the best that he could with every day.

This is not my real life

>> his mother says that the late rapper wrote a movie while he was in prison. Her goal is to get it made. His album is in stores now.

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