2pac will live on..

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Postby MrMakaveli » Sat Jun 01, 2002 1:21 am

sh** !! i typed in the wrong pw n it erased my post GGRR well i commented of some posts here bout pac being racist n everything was wrong.. pac was a man who knew whats happening and he was tired how some white(copz) treated the black ppl lik RonyKight(4give me if i spelled wrong)>.

What of the children, the future, why they must see such sorrow
the least that we can do is make em live to see tomorrow
Too many have been killed it's time to stand up for our rights
how can the people fight the power if they can't fight for their life
Instead they fight their wives beat up the kids now silence
it's time to fight the principles the brothaz getten out violence
The government is so crooked and the liberties are hypocrites
'The Star Spangle Banner' just some patriotic bullsh**
The stretchin of the panther is another sneak attack plan
couldn't stand the peace insult the steez of a black man
Where are all the heroes who we thought were so untouchable
I see em pushin dope and rollin round bMw
How can it not trouble you to see a dyin species
the world must find peace or find itself ripped up in pieces
Addicted with the Jesus nature growin furious
some say the government invented all the days misterious
Polly want a cracker the craker want a sister
I come in to find my beauty my brothaz & sistaz diss her
Revolutionary generation runnin up out now
never will they see another tear from this clown eye -2pac

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