Tupac Alive Or Gone?

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First of all I am a huge fan of Tupac's music and poetry (the two are truly one). He was the best thing to happen to rap and hip hop, and the world lost a great mind, heart and voice when he 'died'. I also wonder if he did fake his death, and is still living and breathing life some where. BUT don't you guys think if he is....that maybe as fans of his and his work we should let him rest in peace? If he left to escape the game, the crime, jail time or whatever. He left for a reason, and though it's a big loss and one his loved ones may never get over....he chose to leave and must of had good reason too.

He never appeared to me to be a happy person, sure he smiled (a smile that light the room) but you read his poems and listen to his music and it's a different story. Maybe where ever he is, he is FINALLY happy? And to me that is more important then wanting him back to make music for us. I mean he didn't belong to the fans, and I'm not saying that you guys want him to be alive for selfish reasons...but some people do.

I guess I just feel that though I miss his work and music, I would rather have him (or anyone) be truly happy and gone forever.

If he isn't faking his death, I don't think he can ever truly die. He lives in his music, his poetry and in the hearts and minds of you guys and all his fans. That might sound cheesey but that's just so I feel.

Honestly there are so many points I could make to support if he is dead or alive....here are a few....

If he is dead then why didn't anyone offer some sort of reward to find his killer(s)? (people say Death Row should have, but really anyone could have be it a friend, fan or family)

If he is alive then why hasn't anyone in the world seen him? I've seen one picture of a sighting in NY and it looks totally fake, he is the only one in a whole crowd looking directly at the camera. If he was alive, I would assume he would change his looks..grow hair, shave, maybe get rid of the tats, change his name (clearly), change his eye color, get fater/thinner...whatever else. He was worldwide..and striking someone would have seen him by now..I think.

If he is still alive then I assume he would have girls, maybe a wife? Onless the girls are being offed once they don't work out, or there has been very few, one of them probably would have talked.

Just think how much money SO MANY people would be willing to pay to have proof or even clues that Tupac is alive and well. Buit yet nothing really concret has come up.

Where did Suge disapear too after the shooting? He could have hid Tupac but where??

I think the whole politics idea is nuts but maybe....maybe not. Tupac could do it but, would anyone other then fans put him in office?

I don't know it just seems like if he is alive, he would have to be so under cover it would be more trouble then his life was. Does he simply stay home all day? who buys his food? he would need a doctor, dentist, lawyer, he would probably take a cab, bus, limo, buy a house, a car, walk his dog, play with his kids, take them to school, to the park, out for ice cream, get his hair cut, buy clothes, buy stuff for his kids, his wife, garden, take the trash out, probably still makes music, pay taxes, have a credit card, get all new ID, wash his car, sweep his drive way, have friends, meet people, get a girlfriend, marry his girlfriend, go to church, go to McDonalds, buy gum, the list goes on and on. Do you really think Tupac is living a life in a hole? Even if he has grown hair and a beard, someone would hear that voice, catch a glimpse of the old Tupac and wonder, I would.....and that person would probably tell someone, and someone on long there would think MONEY! and tell the press.

Maybe that's just me but that's what I think ....feel free to prove me wrong.

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