nsync on destiny's child new album?

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Postby lyna » Wed Nov 29, 2000 1:02 am

On the heels of 'Independent Women Part 1,' their single off the 'Charlie's Angels' soundtrack, Destiny's Child are recording a new CD, Independent Women. Not that they don't want help from a few good men. 'We're trying to get 'N Sync [on the CD],' says Destiny's Beyonce Knowles. 'And we're talking about Michael Jackson - we're working with the same producer that he is.' While she feels 'a little pressure' about the new release, due in February, Knowles is happy to take the heat: 'We're becoming the celebrities we've always wanted to become.'
-from nsyncstudio.com

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Postby Rashedah » Wed Nov 29, 2000 8:30 pm

I think *Nsync did enough Calobo on Joe's and Blaque's album Destines child only wants them because there hot RIGHT NOW!

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Postby gOt TiMbErLaKe » Sun Dec 03, 2000 1:21 pm

i dont blame them for wanting them coz they are hot rite now, i mean c'mon people... would u like to do a caloboration with some sorry-loser group?... but i also think its coz they are also big fans of nsync

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