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kevin hart
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Postby kevin hart » Mon Dec 11, 2000 8:29 pm

1)Who is the best actor alive?
2)Who is the best actoress alive?
3)Which sports team is currently the most popular?
4)Do you guys beleive in UFOS?
5)Gore or Bush?
6)Rank the members of nsync top-most popular bottom-least popular
7)Name some goodthings about the bsbs,and some bad things
8)Would you guys welcome another member of NSYNC?
9)HOw come nsync fans go nuts when they r performing?Seriously,what does nsync do that no other band does?
10)What is NSYNCs most popular song ever?

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Abstracts Royalty
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Postby AngelOfMusic » Mon Dec 11, 2000 9:07 pm

1) god there are so many tom hanks, mel gibson, bruce willis, and many more that i am forgetting
2) same here i mean there is julia roberts, meg ryan, sally fields, so many
3) depends on the sport- i think for me basketball would be orlando football- well i am partial to the chiefs but they arent doing very good right now
5)oh man no comment
6) in the public eye- justin, jc, lance, joey, chris- in my mind- lance, justin, jc and joey and chris tie
7) they are talented, they are good people, they have good music and they are good singers- they seem a little to serious for me- i love nsync for their talent and music but also b/c they are laid back and fun
8)if he was good for the group and he was talented like them i think i would but i would have to see
9) b/c when they perform they put so much into it you get into it too- plus watching lance shake that butt will make me loose it right there
10) well tearin up my heart made them famous but bye bye bye established them as not just a boy band but a vocal group with talent

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Postby lyna » Tue Dec 12, 2000 1:04 am

1) hmm...i would have to say bruce willis and mel gibson...they are so great.
2) definatley julia roberts
3) i'm not really into sports...but the lakers?
4) i don't know...i never really thought about it
5) bush bush bush
6) justin...jc...lance...joey...chris...
7) they can sing very well, they have beautiful songs....they can't dance...and they seem as much fun as nsync
8) well...i don't know...if they added another member...what would be the significance of 'nsync'
9) they put so much energy into theri performances you can't help screamin...also...just watching jc...makes me wanna scream...
10) tearin up my heart...i still hear it on the radio

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