'What do you mean I can't Have it?' Justin fanfic

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'What do you mean I can't Have it?' Justin fanfic

Postby Mallory » Tue Dec 12, 2000 9:51 pm

'What do you mean I can't Have it?' Justin asked in a dissapointed voice

'Justin, I have already sold it...I told you that!' The chubby real-estate agent bellowed

Tears streamed down Justin's somlem face as he slowly tured away, not wanting Mr. Henry to think he was a wimp. Justin wiped the salty tears off his face and thought.

'32 Mil.' he mumbled

'Sir?' Mr.Henry asked back

'I'll give you 32 million for the island Mr.Henry.' Justin turned around

'Justin that is 16Mil more than the island costs...are you sure you want to offer me that amount?'

'Yes I am sure....absolutely' Justins face beamed.

'Sold....I mean I can tell the other people you had a higher offer...they can't do anything about it!'

Justin hugged the old gruffy man and thanked him about a million times.

'Alright Justin... I understand you are happy'

'Sorry! I gotta call the guys now...man...this is such a huge rush' Justin pulled out his small metalic blue cell phone and dialed his home number, Joey answered


'Hey Joey...is everyone there?'

'Yea...we are playin' NFL Blitz...why man?'

'Okay like pause the game or something and put me on speaker I got a huge annoucement to make!'

'Okay hang on' Joey covered the nouth peice & told JC,Lance, & Chris to 'Drop what they were doing,' and that 'Justin had something important to say'

The guys all sprung into action...Justin's ideas always were good...or atleast had been in the past.

'Okay Justin we are all here' Joey said into the phone

'Okay...I bought us an island'

An awkward silence ate at Justins happiness


'What..Jus you bought us an island..?' Lance ask puzzled

'Yes..it's off the tip of Florida, 52 acres,10 large houses, and a small community.'

Chris broke the second silence

'Oh Man...can we say party?!?'

All 5 of the guys laughed. Chris always had something to say that would put the guys at ease.

'Okay guys we are going there next weekend to pick out which house is who's and so-on' Justin told the guys

'Awesome' JC grinned

'Be home in a flash...I'm out!' Justin closed his phone and said good-bye to Mr.Harvey. He raced outside to his red Mecedes Benz, opened the door and pumped up the volume.

I wanna l-l-lick you from your head to your toes...

Ludicris was playin and Justin just sang along

His Kareoke session was inturupted by an incoming call.


'Good Morning Justin-You Have 2 Reminders' It was his reminder service

'Press 1 to recieve your reminders' Justin quickly said 'ONE' (his phone was voice acctivated)

'Hey myself don't forget to stop in at the mall and pick up the clothes Cami put on hold'

'Damnit...I forgot about that!' Justin quickly headed in the direction of the mall

'Hey yourself again...call Cami'

Justin hung up his phone and picked it up again 'Cami Cell' he said and his phone dialed the number

'Hello?' Cameron's smooth voice said

'Hey babe!' Justin smiled

'Ju! Hey! Where are you?'

'Um pullin into the parking lot of the mall'

'I am across the street from there..wanna have lunch?'

Justin quickly glanced over at the bookstore parking lot and spotted Cami's Black VW Bug.

'Yea...Le Garmond?'

'Hmmmm okay Stay right there I will come to you...I see your car'

'Okay' Justin jopped back in his car for fear of while waiting he'd be mobbed

He opened his cell phone again and said 'Home'

'HHHHHello?' it was JC

'Hey it's JMan I am havin lunch with Cami--be home lata okay?


Justin said in lala land for a few minutes. He thoughts we interupted by a knock on his window...

'Cami!' He looked up into the face of a girl he had never seen before

'Cami? Ummm? Will...can...umm..I take a picture with you?'

Justin sighed 'Yea...what's your name?'

'Kylee' the girl smiled at Justin

Justin pulled him self out of his car

'Who is going to take it' He asked

'I will' Justin heard Cami say from behind him

He whiped around smiling 'Hey Cam'

Justin and Kylee posed for the picture and Kylee 'secretly' passed him her phone number and e-mail adress. Justin had a collection of these numbers..and usually threw them out...but he kept this one it seemed somewhat special.

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Postby Katie44 » Tue Dec 12, 2000 9:58 pm

That was really good Malory!!! Yeah...more fan fic! Can't wait to see what's next.

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Postby admin » Wed Dec 13, 2000 1:00 pm

Good job Mallory, and welcome to the boards :)

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Postby JustnLuvsMeNotU » Thu Dec 14, 2000 7:23 pm

that sounds like its going to be good! i love reading fan fic's~

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Postby Shannon » Fri Dec 15, 2000 11:59 pm

I love the fan fictions also. Can't wait to see what happens next.

And Welcome to the boards!! :)

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