Cam and Justin ate a fancy lunch at the Le Garmond

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Cam and Justin ate a fancy lunch at the Le Garmond

Postby MaLLoRiE » Sun Dec 17, 2000 10:31 pm

Continuing our story...

Cam and Justin ate a fancy lunch at the Le Garmond, where Justin was in lala land the eintire time Now we pick up our story in the car on the way back to pick up Justins car.

'That was really good Justin, didn't you think so?' Cam asked

'Hmmmmmm' was alll that came out of Justins mouth

'JUSTIN! What is wrong with You? You have been like this since I came to get you!'

'Oh...Sorry....I don't know what's up with me.'

Justin did know though... there was something about Kylee....something he something he needed.

'Well get your act together and call me later tonight' Cameron said slamming on her brakes behind Justin's Red Benz

Jusitn climbed out of her Car quietly and slowly walked over to his car. He climbed in and reached into his kahki's pocket a pulled out a small crumpled peice of purple paper.
Justin picked up his cell and slowly dialed the printed number.



'Ya...this is she...who is this?'


'Justin I already told you baby I dont want to be with you!'


'This isn't the Justin I am thinking about is?'

'Ugh No..'

'Oh well then who is this?'

'justin...I met you earlier today....ring a bell?'

'Oh my frikin God! I didn't really expect you to actually call m-me'

'Ha...Well I did....I was just wondering if you wanted to come over tonight?'


'No Your Mom! Yes You!'

'Umm Sure'

'Okay well you know where we live right?'

'yeah I've seen it through the gate a couple times'

'okay well come over at 7 the acess code is 8-8-0-9-2-4-4-1'

'I will be there...wait what do I wear...casual?formal?'

'Formal....It's a couple thing'

'OMG...You & Me a couple?'

'That's what I was hoping'

'Okay awesome See Ya Then'

'OKay Bye Kylee...Love ya Babe'

'...You to Ju...I guess'

Justin silently drove home with a large smirk on his face

'Kylee and Justin,' he thought 'that has a nice ring to it!'

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Postby Katie44 » Mon Dec 18, 2000 12:04 am

That was really good Mallorie!! Just as suggestion, ya might want to continue the story in the same thread so it will be easier for others to read the whole thing at once. Keep up the good work. :)

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Postby JustinsMusicBizGal » Sun Dec 24, 2000 10:06 pm

that was an awesome fanfic Mallorie

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